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Downton Love: Wishlist From Our Favourite Highstreet Stores. (Newlook and Topshop)

Downton Abbey is returning! Yay! I thought I would check out the new items from some of my favourite high street stores that have a Downton-esque feel about them.
I have chosen Newlook as the more affordable option and Topshop as the 'lets only buy one item' option.

So lets getting wishing!

As you can see it's all about 'burgundy, burgundy, burgundy.' It is such a classic vintage colour, and I think it will be very popular this autumn and winter. I also love the use of sheer material on dresses and blouses.
I really think the 'pleated pink dress' is very Downton inspired and would be beautiful for a formal event. I think the overall feel is heading towards the mysterious time of the 1920's. The midnight shorts reminded me of Paris in the 1920's, a very romantic style.

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