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My Room: Decor Ideas (DIY)


Thank you for taking the time to read my very first entry. I love watching and reading about ROOM TOURS as they can have great room ideas, so thought I'd give it a go. I should start by saying PLEASE don't think I am bragging in anyway in this post! I purely just want to show you my room.

Welcome to my room

The back of my door is usually covered with my favourite bags of the moment. Along with a few vintage scarves. I just have small hooks that have the difficult job of keeping it all off the floor.
The wardrobe and aide table are next to each other. My side table contains different memory boxes, along with note books and a few pens and pencils.

Above the side table is a homemade frame that I painted, which I stick photos too. My two favourite parts of the side table are: my framed painting of Winchester, where I went to University. Also the cup holding pens and pencils that I got from the Tate Britain café: my favourite gallery.
My double bed is so cosy! The two large cushions are from Homebase and were on sale for £6, the two long ones are from IKEA for £3.99 and the front one is homemade. The Duvet is from Primark for £11. I love old magazines so I decided to frame one called 'Once Upon a Time', that I picked up from Spittlefields Market.

On top of the wardrobe I have two 'shabby chic' style trunks from Dun Elm Mill. Which I keep my felt and materials in.
In the wicker basket, I keep some of my old magazines, sheet music etc. that I keep saying I'll use for something!
Inside my wardrobe is always a tempest of clothing. I like to hang everything up, including tops etc. And I keep my shoes at the bottom, although at the moment the clothes seemed to have moved in with the shoes.

I have a mirror above my chest of draws as I keep my beauty products in the top draw.
I have no idea where to keep my new comic books, so they live in an Anne Summers bag...
From one of the cheap home stores I found draw organisers for £2.99 and they're amazing! As you can see I try and keep everything neat and tidy.

The bay window is one of my favourites of my room! I love to stargaze and it's perfect as it faces North/North East. So I get such a good view of our fantastic universe. Plus it's lovely and cosy with lots of cushions and blankets.

My bookcase probably says a lot about me. A lot of books and randomness.
My old comic books and books are probably some of my favourite items on this bookcase.

  • Photo frames
  • Candles and Cushions
  • Comic Books
  • Vintage Books, Magazines and Sheet Music
  • My Bay Window

Thank you for reading!
Please comment!! I would love to know your opinions, questions and suggestions!

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