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Helpful Advice For Blogging: Seriously Blogging Can Be Difficult! Right?!

Now I wanted to write a post that would hopefully have a motive of encouragement. But that doesn't mean it won't be without realism. Hopefully I'm not repeating exactly what everyone else says too.

I started my blog properly on 14th September 2013. So this baby blog is only 5 months old. I know that you're probably thinking what can an inexperienced blogger tell me! Well I'm still on that steep hill to feeling as if I have a good blog.

When we ask for followers on bloglovin and twitter, it can seem as if the true motivation for writing is lost. But I completely disagree, in the same way as small children we sometimes try and impress our parents, we try and impress fellow bloggers and reader. Let's be honest. Why shouldn't we be able to do something we feel passionately about, and are actually proud of.

One thing I really must state, is that once you've started your blog, DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! I'll admit that once I had started my blog, I found myself overwhelmed and amongst an incredibly talented and successful bunch of bloggers.

Don't let that put you of, they are there not only to marvel at, but to be a goal. You are already as good as them, you just haven't got the readers they have. That's the only thing that needs to change, you don't need to change.

Also let me introduce you to your new best friend... they're called Social Networking. It's become a cliché in the media world to use social networking, but it 100% drives readers into your beautiful little blog. Dare I say, 'build it and they will come, leave comments and follow you on bloglovin'!
  • Connect: You are one of 7 billion people, connect with them! Social Networking. Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin... Use Hootsuite to manage your tweets and save time.
  • Don't Waste Time: Initially don't waste time with sites such as 'LookBook' or 'ChicTopia' unless you feel your blog is strongly helped by them. They can be complicated and time wasting. Just wait until you have a bigger following.
  • Writing: Try and post as much as you can, my weekly goal is to post everyday. You can write most of your blog posts for the following week on the weekend.
  • Research Research Research: Make sure your posts are of quality, it doesn't matter about how much is featured in one post. Just make sure your passion is running through your entire blog.
  • Collaborate and Communicate: Explore other peoples blogs, comment and share your thoughts. Ask for collaborations, don't be afraid. Ask for help from other bloggers if you want, about layouts, html etc.
  • Giveaways: They are great ways of introducing people to your blog, and a way to say thank you to your readers. It doesn't have to be expensive, just try and be creative with it!
  • Most Importantly... Don't forget to be YOU, write about what you're passionate about, no matter how weird or how normal
So this post isn't actually going to have me asking people to follow me, but comment below with your links to your blog or bloglovin etc. Free advertisement in the comments below, woo! 
Have a lovely blogging day


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