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February Favourites: ASOS, The Lego Movie, YouTube, Marvel + more!

So I am so sorry that I have completely failed in writing regularly! But I'm sure you know how it is sometimes. However, I have been very organized  and created a schedule for posts. Only time will tell if I can keep to it or not! Last months favourites are certainly random and weird! Let's get started on what I loved in the rainy and cold February.

When I saw this dress I thought it was unusual for me to like it! I decided to be brave and just buy it, and I love it! £12.00 - ASOS

I had to go all the way to Chelmsford to see a certain doctor so I decided to pop into the shops. They have a really good Primark which is always well stocked and tidy. So I hunted around and found the nicest Jurassic Park Tee for only £7.00. I'm glad I got it as I haven't seen it anywhere else for as cheap as it was.

To the left you will see an obsession of mine for the whole of February, why? I have no idea. I purchased my first Hobbit mystery bag on a whim from Tesco for £2.99.

It was when I was rambling around the local Home Bargains when I came across, probably the bargain of the year. I found lots of The Hobbit mystery bags for, 29p!

So I went ahead and purchased around 20 of them. My luck was in again and I managed to complete the set without getting too many doubles, woo!

Every month I try and treat myself to a Pop! vinyl if I can. This month I went into Forbidden Planet (London branch) to seek out an Edward Kenway one, but sadly they didn't have anything in stock.

So off I went to the world wide web. I always try and buy from shops if I can but I knew I'd have to get it online.

Amazon and Ebay are great places to seek out Pop! Vinyls for a good price.

I purchased Edward form eBay for £9.99.
 Another embrassing obsession to own up to is another 'mystery item' type product. The little marvel figures are so cute I couldn't resist them! I remember when Kinder Eggs were 50p now they are a crazy 85p or 2 for £1.50. I haven't seen them anywhere else apart from the Co-Op (UK).
 Naturally I have brown hair with blonde highlights, and last year I decided I wanted to dye my hair dark brown. So I did! But I always only use Semi-Permanent, although on my hair it doesn't seem to matter. After a short while I'd gone off dark hair. I used Casting Creme Gloss, it took a few bottles but I finally got my hair lighter. To keep it lighter I use John Frieda Sheer Blonde (Go Blonder) and it actually does it's job. I know it's expensive normally so wait till it goes on offer somewhere. Usually Asda do Casting Creme Gloss (1013) for £4 or 2 for £8. I got John Frieda from Sainsburys for £3.99.

February was a bleak month for many and I managed to find a little sun with the band Crystal Fighters, recommended to me by my brother. They're not usually what I listen to but there's something about their music that puts a smile on my face. Have a listen!

 When series 1 aired I was all on board and then for no reason at all I just stopped watching. I got a Netflix account towards the end of the year and binged on all the latest series of The Walking Dead. Now I am up to date and I am loving every second of the show. They still manage to engage the audience with characters who have been in the show for a long time. I'm not fed up with story or character progression, instead I am completely hooked on all aspects of the show. You don't have to like the 'horror' or 'zombie' genre to enjoy this show. Just give it a try and you'll see what I mean.
If you have even a slight geeky side then give Sourcefed's Table Talk a try. Source Fed and Source Fed Nerd are some of my favourite YouTube channels. If you haven't yet been immersed into the world of YouTube then you should start today. Search and subscribe to 1000's of YouTube channels there is something for everyone.
To finish this post off let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed The Lego Movie. I know you are saying it's a child's movie, immature and predictable. Well, you are wrong about everything. This film is uplifting, funny and refreshing. It may be seen as a marketing scheme to get you to purchase more Lego, but more importantly it has a surprising message about the modern world we live in today. I'd rather a film want us to buy harmless toys to enjoy with our children and friends! Than a film promoting harmful drugs and violence. Plus there's Morgan Freeman's voice!

I hope you enjoyed this post full of weirdness, let me know if you like anything from my favourites. What were your favourites things in February?


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