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April Favourites: Vinyl, Graphic Novels, Dragon Eggs, Skin Care + more!

Yet again I am here writing a monthly favourites post. Time is flying by too quickly! It has actually been a very busy month for me. Lots of things going on! So much so that I haven't been able to post as much as I usually do, which makes me sad. I'm really greatful that my Etsy shop has been doing so well, so you can blame that for the lack of posts! I'll try and be better this month. I promise! So let's look back at a lovely yet busy April. 

 Let's jump right into the weird favourite. Why not? I am often taking trips to my local Waitrose (John Lewis) because of their Post Office. They were selling some of their Easter things off and I came across this cute little egg box. Inside were little egg shaped and sized candles. But why did I choose to buy them? Because in my head they were immediately Dragon eggs! I know, I know. They were £1.74, which I thought was a great deal.

 When I get an idea in my head I have to complete it at once. I hate waiting. I was browsing through Red Bubble at their T-Shirt designs, when I saw a few that I wanted myself. I couldn't really afford to splash out on anything, so as usual I decided to make them. I usually use transfer paper. But I didn't have any, so I turned to the felt collection. So I made this fab Walking Dead Tee, using an old Primark top, and felt. It's hand sewn.

A fan of The Walking Dead? Yes, I am. It really is a fantastic show. I'll be honest; as a Marvel comics reader I surprisingly haven't read the Walking Dead books extensively. So what better place to start than Volume One. It's great, of course it is different from the show in some ways, but I love that. I'm looking forward to filling up my bookcase with Walking Dead books. I have a long way and a lot of money to spend yet though. Oh well. It'll be worth it! - £8.49 from Waterstones.

I am awful at having a good skin routine. However, lately I have become fed up with having bad skin. I knew I had a few skin products so wouldn't let myself be tempted into buying new products. I hunted around a thought up a combination. Here is what I use. I do this routine in the morning and at night.
St. Ives Wipes: Just to clear my face of any makeup etc. 
£1.49 - Home Bargains (Discount Store)

Garnier Pure Active: Using cotton pad I (quite harshly) rub it into the skin, targeting problem areas. It does burn slightly, but it is a good kind of burn. If you have really sensitive skin, I would maybe advise not to use something so harsh. 
£3.33 RRP £4.99- Superdrug or Boots (Usually wait till it's on special offer)

Quinoderm: I love this product. My friend works at Boots and she introduced me to this effective and affordable spot cream. I rub this into problem areas with my fingers. Leave this to sink in for about 10 minutes. *I usually brush my teeth at this point ;)*
£2.65 - Boots (Ask pharmacist, usually behind the counter) 

Tea Tree Night Treatment Gel: Using a cotton pad I put the gel all over my face. (Super refreshing!) Leave to sink in for about 2 minutes.
£2.99 - Boots

T Zone Moisturiser: With my fingers I massage this into my face and that's it!
£1.99 - Home Bargains

I have combination skin. I noticed in the past when I just use Garnier and the Quinoderm my face is really dry. Because it is dry my skin produces even more oil; creating spots. So I find using a refreshing gel and anti-bacterial moisturiser works really well for my type of skin. It evens out the dryness and oiliness.

I've only been doing my routine for a week and have already noticed a huge difference. Plus I've not been wearing foundation or concealer. Giving your skin a break from makeup for a week really does a lot of good.

My month can never be complete without a cute Pop! Vinyl figure. This lovely fig was a gift from my lovely friend Jade who went to New York. I was so pleased to see she got me the one with the hat. It is super rare in the UK, and really expensive. I thought I'd never get to own him. Now I do, so yay! I wonder what next months Pop! Vinyl will be?

A friend mentioned that this programme might be of interest to me. 6 days later... I'm obsessed with the thing! It's such a great show and I can't believe that I haven't heard about it before. My ancestors were Danes so it's all really interesting to me. Who knows maybe one of my ancestors were part of Ragnar's company?! Well maybe that's not such a good thing. Vikings weren't known for their subtleness, let's just say. The show also features my favourite Scandinavian gods. I'm sure that I am supposed to be a Heathen. I would definitely recommend it, it's not Game of Thrones, but it still a strong contender.
I seam (pun intended) to spend all my time sewing lately. I opened my Etsy shop in September, and properly started making/selling things in November. I sew EVERYTHING by hand, and it takes forever. It is a good job I don't charge per hour or my dolls. I think it may be time to invest in a sewing machine. I think I remember seeing Marcia (cutiepie on YouTube) mention a simple sewing machine from John Lewis. I read the reviews and they seem good. I only need a simple one. So I've ordered one to be picked up on Sunday. I'm excited! If this one doesn't work out, can you suggest any good simple machines? :)
£49.00 - John Lewis
 "Beauty is a dynamic event that occurs between you and something else. Beauty is thus an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace."

Since leaving University I've struggled with the lack of academic nourishment or the absence of intense philosophy in my life. Thank Odin for YouTube. Shots of Awe is a relatively new channel, and it's popularity is growing fast. For a good reason. The videos are only short, yet in that short time cause you to step into a philosophical vacuum and I love it. It is so addictive and I'm greatful that I can count on their videos to give me what I need. It truly is a beautiful channel. So please subscribe to them if you can - Shots of Awe. 

Yet again I hope you enjoyed my post. Please let me know what you think! What were some of your favourites in April, did you like any of mine? Till next time. Oh and I'm also going to start putting 'random facts about me' at the end of every post, because I am random.


Random Fact About Me: Every night without fail I will do a 'dream' scenario in my head. Sometimes these can last for hours. I plan them in the day ready for when I go to sleep. Usually it's me gettiing my dream job, or killings walkers.
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