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DIY Wands and Staffs:Glue Gun Fun + Sutton Hoo

Finally I have done an actual craft post! Shamefully it isn't a craft that I have created myself. Awhile a go I saw a few posts about making your very own Harry Potter style wands. Buying an actual one from Diagon Alley or online can set you back quite a bit. But if you already have the tools, why not have some fun and create your own custom wand. They can be realistic or pink and sparkly. As I said I am not taking credit for this idea. I thought I'd give it a go and share it with everyone just in-case they hadn't seen it yet. 

What You'll Need:
1. Sticks! I used kebab/skewer wooden sticks. I got 50 for £1.00 at the Factory Shop (check discount stores)
2. Glue Gun! You can get them from The Range for around (£6.99) most craft stores sell them, I can't live without it now.
3. Sharp scissors
4. Smaller sticks (You could use matches)
5. Nail file or Sand Paper
6. Liquid eyeliner, mascara.
7. Acrylic Paint (Browns, Black, White, Blue)
8. Patience

Take 3 sticks and cut them to the length you want your wand to be. Place the sticks together, you can keep them together with a hair band (makes it a bit easier). Then glue each stick to the other sticks until all the stick are joined together.
Go down the whole length of the sticks pushing glue into the gaps. Use the end of the glue gun to create texture in the glue. Once you've covered most of the wand, start to built up the glue to create the desired 'wand shape' you want. You'll need to wait for each area to dry before adding more glue to that area.
This will take the most patience. You'll need to create a 'tip' at the end of the wand. Make a ball of glue at the end and wait for it to fully dry. Then add smaller balls on top. Then very slowly pull the glue away from the sticks as it drys. Then gently file down any unwanted bumps etc. with a nail file/sandpaper.
Now it's time to paint. Try using different colours and shades. As you can see I chose a...well.. poo colour (let's be honest!). Use liquid eyeliner to paint in the brushes. I find the liner shows up better. You can also use the mascara brush to create texture. Once it's dry you are done! I also had a go at making Gandalf's staff, I created this through trial and error! Have a go yourself.

Well you do know I love Photoshop -.-
This DIY project really is just for you to experiment and try out different designs. I'm certainly going to make a few more now I've had a bit of practise. Share pictures if you decide to make them yourself. Remember to be responsible with magic.

Sutton Hoo
This week I also visited Sutton Hoo. A really beautiful place in Suffolk. I would highly recommend a visit. Make sure you pay the little extra to get the guided walk, it is 100% worth it. Sutton Hoo is a Saxon burial grown steeped in amazing history. It really had a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere to it. Anything slightly Viking I'm on board. I took a few photos and I thought I'd share a few with you. You can visit this website to find out more about it: click me.
(Doesn't this look like something out of The Walking Dead?! (above))

Well there you go little wizards. I hope you've enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think in the comments below. If you'd like to do a post like this then email me: Also keep your eyes peeled for some Comic Con at home news soon! Thank you for reading and following you are the best, yes you.


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