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A Slice of Adventure: A Perfect Summers Day

The summer sun is high in the sky. It's warmth radiates to your very bones. You've waited all year for a day like this. A day where nature is your best friend. The grass beneath your feet is no longer soggy and damp, it's warm bristles sway with ease in the gentle breeze. 

I knew I was going out for a day at the park, basking in the sun. So I thought I'd put together a little post, to show what a perfect Summers Day looks like to me. Anyway, myself and one of my best friends; Jade, set off in the 28C heat (which is tropical for the UK) and headed to a fabulous Park. 
I actually featured this park in a previous Jane Austen themed post which you can check out here. On with the post!

What You Need For A Perfect Summers Day At The Park
1. Rucksack - Make sure you have enough room to pack in all the things you think are perfect for a summers day.
2. Huge Blanket - You don't want to be laying of prickly grass the whole time. Bring along a huge blanket to lay on. Get all snuggly and comfortable, maybe even bring a few cushions along.
3. Food/Drink - You are probably going to be out for awhile so why not bring a pack lunch. Light and summery foods are perfect, fruits etc. Plus it can save you money!
4. Camera - I love documenting everything! Something not everyone understands, but I do it anyway. It's fun to take pictures, sometimes all you've got are your memories so make them great!
5. Hobbies - Once you've eaten, taken photos, had a look round; you are going to want to sit quietly for awhile and enjoy the peace and quiet. Bring along a book, drawing or painting materials. Whatever you have an interest in!
There is no denying that the Summer is  coming to an end. So that means you have to make the most of every little ray of sunlight before it disappears behind the autumnal clouds. Enjoy the post! I forgot to mention that this post is actually part of the Slice of Adventure tag! It's a super easy and fun tag -click here- to find out how you can take part.
I really do love the simple days out that don't cost anything. Although I've just realised I said you can save money by taking a picnic, when I clearly got a meal deal from the Co-Op! Oh well. I guess I was in a rush to get out of the house. I know that sometimes if you live in a city finding these places can be really tricky. I live in quite a built up area and I feel lucky to have a place like this. Sometimes you just find these places by accident. Find an area near to wear you live that you've never explored before. Who knows what will happen!

Don't forget if you want to take part in the Slice of Adventure tag - click here - to find out more about it, it's super easy and a great way for people to find your blog. Have fun! As always I hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures. I hope it made you feel a little summery. See you next time!



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