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H&M Transitional Autumnal Outfits

 Crinkling brown leaves beneath your feet. Warm, swirly hot chocolate keeping your hands warm. That amazing smell in the air that tells you that winter isn't far away. It's autumn, well I'm saying it is anyway. Autumn and winter are hands down my favourite seasons, and I am super sad that I can't be in the UK to revel in them. As you are reading this I am currently in India (for 10 weeks!) so I've been preparing posts before I went.
H&M has always been one of my favourite shops, they always seem to have at least one collection that appeals to me.

As I write this I don't think H&M have officially released their autumn collection yet. So I am going to choose a few items that are available online that I feel are perfect for Autumn. So sit back and enjoy a little indulgence in H&M goodness. Have you spotted any great Autumn collections in store yet? Any trends that stand out? I think it's pretty safe to say that the fabulous mustard and burgandy colours are going to stand again this autumn! How can they not?! These outfits are a little different to what I would usually choose, I thought I would be a little brave. Also I feel these outfits aren't your typical Autumnal choices, they are transitioning outfits from Summer to Autumn.
Jersey Top - £6.99
Skirt - £24.99
Wool Cardigan - £39.99
Boots - £29.99
Necklace - £19.99
Jeans - £19.99
Cardigan - £24.99
Chelsea Boots - £24.99
Shoulder Bag - £12.99

Mustard Top - £12.99
Maxi Skirt - £24.99 <3
Lace Up Boots - £24.99
Necklace - £19.99

Jersey Dress - £12.99
Coat - £34.99
Loafers - £24.99
Necklace - £12.99
Hat - £14.99

Sweatshirt Skirt - £19.99
Ankle Boots - £29.99
Scarf - £34.99

Obviously I don't expect people to want to buy outfits that are quite expensive, I know I certainly can't afford it. But sometimes it's nice to see how certain items can work (and not work) with an outfit. I love picking out my favourite item from a post I do and hunting it out in the shops. But as you are reading this I'm away in India so I'll have to wait till I'm home in December.

I'm looking forward to diving right back into good old British weather. I'm also looking forward to eventually seeing H&M's Autumn collection. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Till next time.


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