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TAG: Dreamer Blogger, Future Adventurer!

 Hello, I thought it might be fun to start a little tag, it's just a bit of fun. I am constantly dreaming about far off places, that I'd love to visit. It would be really interesting to know if any other bloggers dream of far off places beyond our laptop screens. Here are the simple rules to stick to!

  • 4 places you'd love to visit
  • Why you want to visit them
  • Favorite thing about that place
  • Tag 4 fellow bloggers, and add the badge to your blog if you'd like
1. Sweden
WHY: I don't know exactly why but it seems like a lovely country, with beautiful surroundings and people. Particularly the beautiful men (lol). I've also slowly been learning Swedish, so I'd love to fully embrace the culture!
FAVOURITE: I would actually just like an average visit to Stockholm and Malmo, to embrace the culture and see all the natural and man made sites.
2. New Zealand
WHY: I have always, always been completely and utterly in love with New Zealand. Every since the year 2000, when the whole world's eyes were fixed on the cinematic screen, showing Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson probably has increased New Zealand's tourism by 75%. I want to feel like I'm living in Middle Earth, visiting all the incredible natural wonders, all over New Zealand.
FAVOURITE: Hobbiton! Of course it has to be, how amazing that they've left it there for all to enjoy. I'd also want to visit all the other places, but preferably not with a tour guide.
3. Norway
 WHY: I am obsessed with Norse Mythology, it completely fascinated me. I'd love to visit any part of Norway as it all literally seems magical and beautiful. I would definitely have to visit the top part of Norway, not necessarily to see the Northern Lights, but to see a completely clear, unpolluted night sky. 
FAVOURITE: Tromso, they have an observatory there, studying the mysteries of the Aura Borealis, but if they can see that, it means a clear and beautiful view of the Milky Way, how amazing!
 4. India
WHY: Since I was a teenager I've wanted to submerge myself in the culture of India. It seems magical, and it is so different from our western culture. I would also like to highlight the suffering that is in India. Part of my trip would have to be dedicated to people that need my help.
FAVOURITE: This trip would definitely be spiritual. In Eat, Pray, Love I kind of imagine my trip to be like India in that film. Spiritual and reflective, but at the same time helping those that need my help.

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Thank you for reading!


Feel free to add this badge to your blog :) 

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Eleanor said...

ooh this is such a cool tag! i need to take note and do it sometime!! i was in stockholm last year, and i must say, it's such an amazing city! i'd love to go back to sweden! :)

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