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Gaming Nostaliga Attack: Loved Games From The 90's - 00's.

There are many times in my life that I have a nostalgia attack. An intense moment of both the visual and emotional, taking you back in time. Sometimes I have nostaligia for a time that I haven't even existed within. Now at the age of 22, I always like remembering is all the strange and wonderful games I've played during my childhood. I never was an avid gamer, we never had the latest console. PC games (and still are, other than PS4) were my so called 'jam'. I've put together a list of games that I have played from my childhood. I was born in 1992, so I'd love to hear what games you played? Were you a budding PC/Mac gamer? I dusted off my old iMac and booted it up. I managed to load a few games and it brought back so many funny memories. Why was I obsessed with educational games?!

Let's start with Living Books. As I've been writing this post I have come to realise that most of the early games I played were educational. Oh how times have changed for youngsters. I have the fondest memories of the Living Books 'games' particularly 'Arthur's Living Adventure'. I spent hours and hours exploring and clicking away. 
Winnie The Pooh Story Book
Timone and Pumbas Jungle Games
Arthur Living Adventure
Just Grandma and Me
Dr Suess Green Eggs and Ham + The Cat in the Hat
Tortise and the Hare
Harry and the Haunted House
Ruffs Bone

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this game taught me how to touch type, it is becuase of this game that I can time as fast as I can. I started playing the game when I was very young (on Mac) over the years my typing really improved. I'm not sure why we had the game, but I'm glad I played it. I couldn't find gameplay of the exact version I played. I remember the mini-games that were amazing; penguins, scanningn shopping, driving, submarine etc.
Mavis Beacon Typing Institute
Otters Adventure was great at providing education on enviromental awareness. Yet again another point and click game, you could interact with the enviroment and play mini game. Like colouring and word puzzles.
The Otters Adventure   
I don't really have a lot of memory of this game, other than at the begining there was a wardrobe of Kangaroo's (aka Wanderoo's) in their little dungarees. The point and click style game aloud you to explore different places, I can remember the school. It was educational but interactive and fun. I even found the original CD-rom lying around and re-played it.
Kinderventures: Pocket and Tails Go Exploring

The next three games were my go-to games on our lovely old Apple Mac. For some reason we only had Mac's in our house. Anyway the three games came on Floppy Discs, and I actually found the discs for BeBop and Lemmings! Oh the memories. BeBop was a 'ping-pong' style game. You would bounce the ball off your 'board' hitting various squares. As the levels went on the sqaures would unlock areas and give certain 'power-ups' etc.
BeeBop II (1995)
Does old-school Lemmings really need any explanation. I miss those little digital guys. I found it so satifying the control all these little 'things', chopping into walls, falling with umbrellas. But where did the Lemmings come from and where were they going all the time? I also found me floppy disc!
I think the main reason why we pruchased Snood was because it was similar to our last name (Snode). What a reason to buy a video game! Now Snood is still going strong with apps on portable devices. It all started for me on a grainy screen via a floppy disk. The sound-effects bring it all back.
Snood (1995)
I never actually owned this game. I remember ALWAYS playing it in IT or whenever I could access the computer at Primary School. Everyone in my year loved this game. It was so strange, I don't think any of us really wanted to use it for its educational intentions. More the fun aspects of the game. Creating your own Zoombinis and making pizza, which was the hardest part of the whole game!

It was round my friend's houses that I was introduced to some of these games. Little Big Adventure being one of them. For years of my life I've had vague memories of the game. Endlessly searching on Google for the title. Finally last year I found it! I was instantly taken back to when I was younger. Again it's such a strange game with a fun concept.
Little Big adventure 2
Sim City. When I look at these graphics compared to Sim City of today it is completely mind blowing. I can't believe how much has changed in, what really is only a few years. 2000 may have bad graphics but to me they are humbling and bring back lots of great memories. I would be just as happy to play 2000 as I would the most recent Sim City.
Sim City 2000
I think it may have been on my Sim City 2000 disc (which I still have!) there was a demo for Sim Town. I would play that demo as if it wasn't a demo. As soon as my time was up I'd play it again from the begining. I remember being so enthralled and excited that you could 'see' inside some of the buildings. But not only that you could see actual sims walk along the street!
Sim Town
I can't not menetion Sims. I have played every Sims game since Sims wsa invented. I hate to think how much I have invested into EA Games (*whipser* challenge everything... Zoon Zoon!) Sims 1 was so magical and like nothing ever seen before. I would never dream then, that I'd be sitting here waiting for Sims 4 to be released. Yet again it highlights how much has changed in the gaming industry. I can't begin to think what we'll be playing ten years from now.

Here are yet more educationaal games that I was obsessed with. DK created some great games! One I have fond memories of is the History Explorer. You could travel in time and learn about different civilisations. There was a sort of hisotrical background that you could edit using 'digital' type sticker.
Become a History Explorer

I'm not completely convinced that this was the game I am thinking of. But after hours of searching it's the best thing I could find. I remember there being interactive maps acoss the world. Learning about georgraphy in a fun way. At the begining you could fill out your own passport that would stay in your bag throughout your journey's around the world.
World Explorer 
Yet another demo, or simply a game I didn't really understand what the point was. I just used to walk around, drive around and take photos of animals all the time. Oh and not forgetting jumping off the balcony into the swimming pool. This was such a strange yet awesome game.
Virtual Safari
I still play this game today the non-HD version. Over and over it never gets old. The music is amazing and so is the gameplay. There isn't one game of its kind that I think beats Age of Empires. How can it! I would always organize everything perfectly. All the sheep under the canvas at the town hall. The feilds neatly placed around the mill and the houses all matching and in a row. OCD's dream.
Age of Empires II

It took awhile but I was finally allowed to have Catz and Dogz then later Petz 5. I was never allowed pets in real life so this was the next best thing. Everyday I would look after these cute graphically inadequate pets. I also used to play Babyz aswell, obviously I wasn't allowed a baby in real-life!
Z's! Catz/Dogz/Petz/Babyz
I purchased this game again the other day. My friend and I always hum the theme tunes walking down the road, putting our own spin on it. Why haven't they released an updated version? Making it even better (if that's even possible). I'd love to see this game developed again. I'll never get tired of using the slack tongue machine and hearing; "hospital administer is cheating, hospital administer is cheating..."
Theme Hospital
I was quite lucky to have the internet at such a young age. However I was of the time where I'd hear my mum shout: "Get off the internet I need to use the phone", I'll never forget the dial up noise either. Fabulous. One thing I will never be ashamed of is having an account on Runescape, but let's not mention I created another account recently to endulge in nostalgia. I'm not talking about the new Runescape, the old fashioned one. I think 2007. Killing chickens and picking endless amounts of lettuce.
This game seriously wasn't really anything special. But I still played it for hours after school. Even though it was mainly a 2d point and click style game, I still felt as if I was completely immersed in the neopets world. Later on I moved onto Millsberry, does anyone remember that game?
I know I've left a few games of that I used to play, but I'd love to hear some games that you remember. Let me know in the comics below. Did you ever play any of these games?
I think looking back at these games really highlights how advanced gaming has become, it says a lot about what humans are capable of. A lot of people have a lot of negative things to say about games. Luckily mu experience of games were a positive one. Now I'm older I can make my own desicions about what games I can buy and play. I do play 'violent' games but I don't let that dictate my life. I don't want to get into a debate though! I think games are complex and for the most part a lot of fun. I'm glad I can look back at these fabulous and funny parts of my life.

Till next time.


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Kelsey B said...

Oh man! This took me so far back! I played a ton of these games and still have a few of them. In fact, I have Dogz/Catz 4 on my computer right now because I was trying to find fun ways to entertain a kid I had been watching over a year ago. I also found a Zoombini's game in a Goodwill. So much nostalga. :)

Stephanie Medeiros said...


Melissa (Eris) said...

I used to play Jazz Jackrabbit and Carmen Sandiego on my old Acer before it died. I really miss those games.

Lariats and Lavender said...

I loved The Sims 1, Theme Hospital, Petz and NeoPets! I'd love to play Theme Hospital again. I'm a fan of every genre of game, for instance I go from playing 100% Orange Juice (sooooooo KAWAII) to Saints Row The Third! Some of my favorite PC games, outside of some of the above, were:

Oregon Trail x.x
The Yukon Trail
The Amazon Trail
Creatures (which was SO SAD)
every Sims expansion
pretty much every Petz expansion
and those were just the really early ones!

Jessica said...

I played a lot of "educational" games as a kid, I would always get a new Reader Rabbit game for my birthday! lol


Kerrys Habitat said...

:) You have to love educational games! x

Kerrys Habitat said...

I'm always playing Theme Hospital (always humming the soundtrack for days)
Haha I have a vague memory of playing Creatures! x

Kerrys Habitat said...

Oh goodness I forgot to put Carmen Sandiego in the list. I think I used to play a relativley new version though.

Kerrys Habitat said...

:O :D

Kerrys Habitat said...

Your lucky to still have some! Zoombini's in Goodwill? That is an awesome find, well done :)

Alex Hill said...

My World Explorer 2.0 was the best! Originally I clicked on this blog post hoping to find Sonic, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro but The Sims and Dogz suit me just fine! ;-)

Kerrys Habitat said...

:) Oh no, I am a weird nostalgia gamer :) xx

LouisBlogger said...

Thank you for posting this! I had forgotten about so many of these games :D

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