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Creating a New Workspace With IKEA

I'm someone that changes my room around every five seconds. But I've decided that I don't want my chest of drawers in my room anymore. Instead I'd like a desk/workstation, mainly because I do a lot of craft so it can get messy. So I decided to create a work station at a good price, getting most things from IKEA.

So here is my plan... (I will do an update once I've purchased and put together my desk area

The desk I plan to get actually has pink legs. I also want to go a little decoupage crazy on the bookcase, boxes and magazine holders. Any ideas on what pattern?
My favourite accent I think will be the picture shelf I'll put on the wall. I'm an organizational freak so I need to have all the different boxes etc. to organize my stationary and makeup. I plan on making a few DIY objects too.

Really, I would love a vintage or shabby chic style desk, but I just can't afford any that I'm in love with, at the moment. But I think for what you get here it's worth the money. Plus I wouldn't worry about damaging it so much. Here are some other desks/workstations that I think are lovely.


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