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Graduation Outfit: New Look

Hello! I wanted to share with you my choice for my graduation outfit. I didn't want to spend a crazy amount as it's only for an hour of one day! So I've been hunting around for awhile, and decided upon a dress I featured in my Downton Abbey post.

It's super cosy but formal. I really like it and think it is a good choice. What do you think? 

I preferred the chestnut colour but I decided I think the burgundy colour is more suited for a formal occasion, like a graduation. It also goes with the fabulous gown we have to wear...

I  think it's important to make sure the dress is not too long and not too short. You don't want to go OTT! I thought about buying posh shoes, but my friends spotted these in Primark. They are super comfortable and the perfect colour. And most importantly not too high! The cobbles in Winchester Cathedral are an embarrassing moment waiting to happen.

If you're at Uni what are you thinking of wearing for graduation? What would you wear for graduation? 


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