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Autumn Bedroom Makeover: Easy DIY Ideas

It's getting colder and the leaves are falling. And everyday as we walk out of the door we look at our hats and gloves and think... 'it won't be long till I can wear them'. But as we feel autumnal outside, so we should feel autumnal inside. 

I haven't gone crazy in making my room autumnal, but I have changed a few little things that makes my room feel that little bit more cosy.

Let's get started...

A ridiculously simple thing I did was change what was hanging on the back of my bedroom door. I swapped all my summery accessories, for lovely cosy jumpers, scarves and hats. And my favourite autumnal bags.

 I haven't gotten rid of the things I have changed, But the new ones fit better with an Autumn theme. Something I love is the bird cage. It was £2.49 from The Range. I've used a mini Yankee Candle (Pear Orchard) for £1.80, and free chestnuts! It makes me feel all warm and cosy.

I wanted to pick some pine-cones myself, but there seems to be a pine-cone shortage in my area! So if you have a Wilkinsons near you they have the cutest autumnal/Christmas things. I nearly bought it all. But there was a box of about 13 pine-cones for £3. Just hang them on a piece of string. And you can reuse them at Christmas too.
I had some old sheet music that I got at a charity shop for 10p, I used inks, but you could use watercolours and made autumnal leaves. Sew them onto string and there you have leafy bunting.

Candles Candles Candles

I love candles and I really think they make all the difference in making everything tranquil. 

I got a beautifully festive smelling candle from The Range (big one on the left) for £2.99, and little pine-cone one for £1.80. And with my existing candles I tied robe into a bow around them, and used the rest of the pine-cones.

I got these cute pencils from The Range that are made from real twigs for £1.00. Also you can make super cute leaf curtain ties using just felt. You just need a needle and thread. Sew them all together!

I also changed the picture above my bed. It used to be a more spring/summery picture. Now I've changed it to another page in an old vintage magazine called 'Once Upon A Time'. It's the story of the Sleeping Princess (how apt ;))

I could have gone for a overtly themed duvet cover, but I thought I would go for a plan white one with detailing. That way I can stock up on cosy themed blankets and cushions.

 Before: Spring/Summer
  After: Autumnal

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and that now you feel inspired to get all Autumnal!

What is your favourite season?
Mine has to be Autumn/Winter!


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