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#4 True Blood: A Halloween Special, DIY Costume

I'm cheating because this isn't on Netflix! But it's Halloween so I HAD to do True Blood!

It really is a great show. True Blood has always been (I think) as realistic as it can be, existing within the genre that it does. There's humour, horror and love, the show hits upon many themes such as race and sexuality that apply to real life. There is something for everyone. I've eagerly watched ever since it started, and I eagerly urge you to watch it if you don't do so already. 

Hopefully some of the bits you'll have already, like I did. If not they are still cheap to get. All you'll need to do is:
  • Cut a rectangle shape out of the front of the XL mens green Primark top. Then cut out two strips of the green top. These are the ties for your apron. Sew them onto the rectangle with a few stitches.
  • Then take a look at this blog entry to transfer the logo's onto the plain white top and the apron that you just cut out!

Obviously if you're against time then you could just buy an apron etc. But I think it's part of the holiday spirit to make your costumes as much as you can. Have fun with it, and know that if it all gets too much there is always a fancy dress shop somewhere!

I hope you have a lovely Halloween and remember to stay scary but safe!

What's your favourite supernatural TV show? Any favourite characters from True Blood?


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