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3 Artists You Should Fall In Love With

Now, I do love clothes and decor, but I feel everyone needs a little something else in there life. Art. And I'm afraid I'm going to start doing some posts on art, literature, science etc. I'm determined to alter your perception on that which we find menontenous at school! That is however, assuming that you don't really have a passion for art or literature which is wrong! The truth is I don't know!

But whether you do or not doesn't matter for the moment. I just want to share with you three artists that hopefully you will begin to have a love affair with. Let's begin.

(DISCLAIMER: I'm simply going to show you some of my favourite paintings, I don't think it's necessary to say what I think it's about. You can come to your own conclusions on how you feel about the paintings.)

If you love all things mythological or fairy tale then let John William Waterhouse transport you. These paintings feel like they would have been a feature in a fashion magazine of the 1800's.

Again a hint of romance runs through John Everett Millais' work, as through most of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood's work. 

Van Gogh. Okay he maybe an obvious and over-used one. But he is not only an incredible artist, but an incredible philosopher, which I will probably talk about in a later post. Anyway, once you read up on Van Gogh his paintings can take on a whole new meaning.

Well I hope you enjoyed this different post!


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