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Geek Post Of The Month: Costume Tees #1

Hello, If you haven't (sort of) noticed already, then I must admit to being what is commonly referred to as a: Geek. With a capital G. I love all things comic book related, sci-fi etc. But I don't 100% let it rule my attire. But every now and then I plunge into fashion geekery. I think everyone should own at least one novelty t-shirt or hoodie. So here are my favourite picks that are available on amazon. You never know you might find something for your geeky friend or maybe you'll let your geek-side out.

Novelty hoodies an be expensive, which is annoying, but they are worth it. Maybe an item for the Christmas list? You know you've always wanted to be Wonder Woman!

I know onesie's always become overly hyped around winter time. That's why I think if you are going to get a onesie then you need to go to the extreme. Non of this plain colour business. Be brave and strut your stuff on Christmas morning, dressed as a cat, dinosaur or even a unicorn. 

You can get some amazing ones on ebay, just check you're getting the best deal and the sizes are right!

I am going to try and do a 'geek' post about once a week. I am determined to bring all you lovely followers over to the geek side ;)

Please share what your guilty geeky pleasures are!


(P.S Check out SourceFedNerd on YouTube if you want to see funny, geeky and sometimes stylish ;) )

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