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A Perfect Unique Winter: Asgardian Themed Wish List

Hello, here's another strange wish list. I love this theme and I think it is perfect for these cold winter months. If you haven't gathered already I am a big Marvel fan, and that includes their films. Thor as a comic is my favourite story. I love Norse mythology it's romantic, and beautiful. The Thor comics and films are like modern day Shakespeare, to me anyway.

But on with the fashion and décor.

Although I love the Asgardian theme, I must admit that I wouldn't normally pick these clothes up in a shop. But in the context of all things Asgardian, I love them. I really think I need to be brave and buy the She Inside fur jacket, what do you think?
I also love the imperial looking long black dress from H&M. I just don't think I'll get to go anywhere that would give me the opportunity to wear this fabulous dress! Christmas party maybe?

I know I went slightly OTT with The Range products, but you can't deny a great bargain when you see one. I think this Asgardian theme is all about fur and candles. Both of which I happen to love. This theme allows you to be comfortable and cosy, if that is your kind of thing.
So when your out and about here are the certain things to look out for if you want to achieve this theme this winter. It's a great alterative way to decorate your house this Christmas.
  • Natural, Earthy colours
  • Natural materials (woods)
  • Faux fur materials (we don't want real fur thank you!)
  • Deep colours, burgundy (on trend this season), browns, blacks, purples. 
  • Imperial type style clothing, but comfortable.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little post. I'd love to hear if you have any Asgardian themed products! Comment below

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