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Haul and a Merry Christmas!

Hello! It's that time of year again. Autumn and winter are most definitely the best seasons of the year. Not many people do, but I love the cold! In this post I want to quickly show you a few things I picked up in the last few weeks, and also a little Christmas Greetings.

So lets get started! I really feel that I haven't been loving any of what most of the high street stores have to offer. I'm really upset that I haven't been able to find a cute Christmas Day dress. But to be honest I haven't been completely committed to finding one! It's good to recycle, so I'll probably wear my graduation dress.

This autumn/winter I've noticed that wedge style platform shoes are making a sneaky come-back, and I love them. I'm not talking about 1970's style platforms, but the modest 2013 platforms. Even just chunky heels on boots are lovely.

Although I got a size too big these chunky heeled boots from H&M are super comfortable, and go with a smart or casual outfit!

Next I got my favourite shoes of the whole year, from Top Shop! They are just the best. They have a velvet-like material, that looks perfect for the winter season. I know £32 may sound quite expensive, but they are very well made and will last along time. Longer than the £12 shoes from Primark that always let me down!

 Two quick and cheap buys, were these super cute and cosy gloves. Now I know that they don't look amazing in this picture, but they are. You can get different colours, and the fur is really soft. The gloves are from e-bay. I'm really feeling black at the moment, I'm not turning into a Goth! I just really like the look, especially black nail varnish. Barry M nail varnish starts from £2.99 in most cosmetic stores. (Boots, Superdrug etc.)

I'm awful with 'Christmas' jumpers and jumpers in general. I just feel that they make me feel like a sack of potatoes. But I found these bargains in H&M and had to get them. The cardigan was on sale from £29.99 to £25 which isn't that bad!
More faux fur with this lovely collar from Forever 21. It's burgundy in colour, and the fur isn't scratchy. I've wanted to find one for awhile, and my friend spotted this one, and it was on sale! I haven't as yet found anything to wear it with, so I may need to buy something special just for the collar!

I also had to purchase this really interesting book from Waterstones. I know sometimes it's cheaper to buy books online, but sometimes is nice to hunt round a lovely warm book shop and find the exact book you were looking for. I've seen various people talking about this book, and basically it is about the fascinating subject of 'nothing'. See I've now got you incredibly interested now, haven't I? :)

I just quickly wanted to say, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Amoungst all the excitement and buzz, remember thoughs that aren't sitting around our dinning tables for Christmas dinner. Or the ones that have no-one to share this time with. I know thinking of them doesn't change anything, but it can keep us grounded and connected to one of the most beautiful things about being a human being: compassion.

So to all thoughs who will find Christmas tough this year, remember to enjoy the day as much as you can, share memories and create new ones. As cheesy as it sounds, most importantly love each other. It's quite simple. 

Merry Christmas Bloggers x

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