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Happy New Year! January Wishlist!

Happy New Year everyone! I apologise for that this post is incredibly late, but here it is all the same. The last couple of months of 2013 were actually quite busy for me, which is good for a graduate. However I am now back in a place of 'life limbo', I've graduated with a good degree, with good work experience, and now I need to hunt and go on a tough journey to find a lovely .... job. So I can join the rest of the world in earning numbers in order for me to live.

But, I do consider myself in a very blessed position. I've managed to save up money that will allow me to live job-free for a while, but I know it won't last long. In the mean-time I will be pushing myself to not only do what I need to do, but what I want to do also.
Here is my list of things I would love to carry on over from 2013 to 2014!

  • Job searching: Apprenticeships/Experience in Publishing (Editorial, Social Media, Creativity)
  • Writing: I have a love for writing both academic and fiction. I may have to test out a story idea or two on you soon!
  • Etsy: I love my Etsy shop: Felt Geek. I love creating things that people actually want to buy. It is amazing and I am very thankful!
  • Blogging: I never thought I'd get nearly 400 followers on bloglovin and lovely regular readers! But I did and I really would like to do more posts. I want to do varied posts not just fashion and beauty but ones that might help people in someway - check out this post I did so you can see what I'm on about!
  • Experience: I am a firm believer that life is made up of experiences, and I want to experience more. Mainly traveling. I haven't been to that many countries, I think a website kindly told me I'd only seen 3% of the world. I want to change that! The only problem isn't money, it is organizing it all! I'd love to just have a rucksack and go, but alas no one will go with me! *sad face*
So that is enough of the rambling, here is my mini wish list for January. It's not just fashion and beauty! So feel free to comment below and share an item you really would like this month! You never know the universe might give it to you! (P.S most items were from the new-in sections online)

 I becoming very varied in the things I like at the moment. But I really like these boots, I've thought about the ones that aren't healed, but I think they'd feel to heavy for me, so adding the heel made them perfect. Newlook/£29.99
Everyone is completely (unnecessarily) obsessed with tartan at the moment. If I am going to buy this then it will be my first tartan piece! I wouldn't normally go for something like this, but I'm lightening my hair at the moment and I think this would look lovely with a high pony tail, and back skinny jeans with those boots. Just for a casual outfit. Newlook/£19.99
I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing these shorts at the moment, but (what seems like) everyone I am currently in the process of becoming healthy! (It's going well do far, no lapses!) These shorts a lovely, a tad expensive but still not too bad. Topshop/£32.00
This is a picture of the 2013 copy, the 2014 copy isn't out until 26/03, so it's definitely on my to buy list! I need a new and updated copy of my bible! It's great reference when you randomly think, who was the guy who fell into a vat of radioactive porcupines? and you can go and look it up!
Bethy Designs on Etsy makes the cutest bookmarks! I have tons of reading to do this year so a book mark would be perfect! I love the programme Sherlock so I couldn't resist these two, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. You can get them individually or in sets. Etsy/BethyDesigns/£5.00
Probably quite random I know! But I got a Loki one for Christmas, and I've sort of started collecting them. They are so cute! They are quite expensive, but they do such a variety of different ones! You can get them for around £12 from a variety of online sites. (Amazon, Ebay)  
I love True Blood and the complete box-set has always been in my wish list basket on Amazon. But it is still a little bit too expensive, so I'll wait till it's a bit cheaper. Amazon/£44

Lastly I think that this year Primark has a few nice things for the new year, here are a few of my favourites. (Prices not known yet)

Well that's it! I hope you had a good New Years! Look forward to a wonderful 2014, that I hope to share with you.

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