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The Places I Should Call Home: London and Winchester

I live in Essex, and although I feel a homely attachment to it. I
long to live elsewhere. I have always had an unexplained passion for London. It only takes about 40 minutes to get there, so I've always been able to visit whenever I want. It's indescribable the feeling I get when I step out onto the streets of London. Maybe I am just too much of a romantic.

I had the incredible opportunity to live in Winchester for the three years I was studying at it's beautiful University. The three years rushed by and I find myself missing it terribly. So I thought I would put together a collection of my favourite places in London and Winchester.

Winchester is perfect for me, small quaint and just altogether lovely. It's right next to the New Forest so nature is all around. The Cathedral adds to its historic charm, as does its 'higgledy pigildy' streets. There is also a lot of charity shops filled with old crumbly books: perfect. Christmas time in Winchester is magical, and a visit to the Christmas Market is a must. And Winchesters Literary connection with Jane Austen is just the cherry on top.

London, London, London that's where my heart lies. If I had to pick anywhere to live it would be the beautiful streets of Pimlico. Mainly because it is right next to my favourite gallery the Tate Britain. Spitalfields and other Vintage markets are always on my list to visit. One of my favourite walks to do is along Baker Street into Regents Park, it is so lovely in both summer and winter. Lastly my ideal evening, is spent with a walk along the Southbank and over to Trafalgar square. Pop into the National Gallery and have dinner in the Crypt which is a lovely restaurant just off the square in a crypt! Then I go to a classical concert in St. Martin in the Fields... I know! how civilised!
What Places Do You Wish You Could Call Home?

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