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Janury Favourites!

Hej Everyone! I hope you've all had a positive January. I might try and do a monthly post of my monthly favourite purchases, if I can remember everything I've purchased that is!

I couldn't believe when I was struggling through a busy Primark, right at the back was an actual (kind of) tasteful Marvel item, FOR WOMEN! I was expecting a hefty price for this unique item, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was a mere £7. The first time I saw the dinosaur jumper in Forever 21, I felt I couldn't justify the purchase, so I left it. About a month went by and I still wanted it, but it had gone... from everywhere! Then by chance I found it again, it was back in stock! I'm in love with this jumper.

 Here are the random favourites! For some reason I became obsessed with the TARDIS key ring, didn't buy it first time, but had to go back and get it. It's probably the most expensive keyring I've ever purchased.. but it does light up and make 'the Tardis' sound. 

Two books I'm really excited to read are Into The Wild. The film literally changed my life and how I think. I'm obsessed with Captain Kennway at the moment, and when I have a spare moment I'm playing Black Flag, I wish I could play it all day!

Of course I couldn't resist another Pop! Vinyl figure, this time the lovely Legolas Greenleaf. If you like quirky things then Pop! vinyl figures could be for you! Check it out!

Just quickly, dream matte mousse is THE best foundation I have ever found. It's perfect, not greasy or shiny! 

Well these were my January favourites! Did you have any favourites this month?


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