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Yay! It's a Mini Haul (Primark, TopShop, Forever 21)

I'm sorry I haven't been as good as writing this blog as I should be! I've just been busy trying to sort out my Etsy shop, praying that some people might purchase Christmas pressies, because that would be awesome. Anyway, here is a little look at what I purchased the other day.

Lace Top - TopShop

I got the top in the sale for £12. Unfortunately I don't have student discount anymore, but £12 is still a great price. It's really soft and not itchy; a lovely shade of pink. The front has material underneath it, but at the back you can see through the lace. 

Skirt - Primark

I love this skirt from Primark, it is really a lovely length. Some people might say it's frumpy, but I love it. Really nice with a smart top, and great for a sophisticated night out! :) I love the leather-like detailing on the waist and pockets.

I've been looking for one of these see-through kimino type things. This one I think was only £7, which is a bargain. 

The top is from Top Shop.

Kimino - Primark

This is quite a boring item. But I have tons of cardigans, but none of them black. This one was on offer for £7. They had lots of other colours, but I had to stick to black and it's really comfortable, so yay!

Cardigan - Forever21 

Most random buy goes to this item. I really wanted a dressing gown. I thought about a cosy winter one. But no, I decided on the more 'sophisticated' one, ;). Plus I'm planning on jumping onto the onsie bandwagon, so that will be my winter comfort item. It's really silky too!

I think this was only £6! So just get one anyway!

Also, I picked up these two skirts in the sale for £5 each at Primark, a few days ago. It's all about skirts, tops, tights and boots.

(P.S I know a few Primark's have a moderately good sale at the moment, especially on skirts.)

Sorry this was such a quick and rubbish post! I'll try and be better I promise. I plan on writing quite a few thought provoking posts as soon as possible, you have been warned!

Hope you've been able to get a few bargains recently!


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