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Geek Fashion: Forever 21, We Love Fine, Forbidden Planet, She Inside!

I didn't think this would be such a difficult post to put together when I started it! Researching geek fashion is a nightmare. I really feel there is a huge market missing for clothing for the slightly or majorly nerdy. Especially in the UK!

You have to be prepared for lots of these coming up on google ->

  which is definitely NOT what I want!

I mean clothes like this from the amazing 'We Love Fine'! ->

I've tried my best to put together a few items that I managed to hunt for amongst endless online shops. The most predominant mainstream high street shop that has a relativity good selection of 'geek' inspired fashion is Forever 21. Which may not help you, as they don't have many stores in the UK.

 Forever 21 has really gone for it with the super-heroes this season, and luckily for me it's mainly Marvel! I really love the Pow! jumper from She Inside it's super cute yet understated.

The 'Rage Quit' bag really made me giggle, only because I've had many times playing a game and I've become so angry and frustrated that the only better option than to witness myself losing again, is to quit, then hate myself after... Also the PacMan jumper from She Inside is so lovely, and a bargain at just over £10. Plus (as an Assassins Creed fan) you know you are going to run around the house assassinating your family with that awesome beanie hood on!

I have to be honest here and make a confession. If you as a UK resident have fallen in love with 'We Love Fine'. I sincerely apologise. I too was taken in by great prices for unique items. But, and that's a BIG but! They are yet to have affordable shipping to the UK. Now if you have excellent funds then off you go! But for a graduate like me, I can only dream of these amazing items from afar! The TARDIS dress has to be my favourite and I WILL own it one day.

Also Just a quick note about comic book shoes. I was horrified to see that people were charging over £40! To be honest I didn't check if they were designer shoes, but I'm pretty sure they weren't. Also another point to make is PLEASE DO NOT use actual comic books! Somewhere in the Universe Jack Kirby cries a little when a comic book is cut up. You can buy Marvel wrapping paper from loads of different stores. I got some from Primark for £1! Use old heels or flats that are a bit grubby, clean them up and glue away! 
So that ends this geeky-esque post! Let me know what you think in the comments below! You get a gold star if you do :)


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