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Kerry's Habitat: UNICEF

Lately I've been finding it very morally difficult to be writing about fashion, beauty and art. And not focusing on the things that matter. It's a very tricky place to be. But I think to myself that we do deserve to be distracted from the horrors of this world for a time, but not all together separated from it. I cannot express to you how important COMPASSION is! The simple saying of 'put yourself into their shoes' says it all. 

So I really am going to ask you to just pop over to the UNICEF website, and have a look. If you can do a one off or monthly donation as an incredible ultimate gift I would be very thankful.
And don't be ashamed to say that you've donated. It's not boastful! You don't have to say how much you've donated, what's important is that you are expressing that not only are you capable of beautiful compassion but also the wisdom to act on that compassion and make a difference, no matter how small.

So if you have felt the incredible and natural need to donate to UNICEF or another charity of your choice just leave a little smiley face in the comments, so everyone can see what a fine and incredible example of a compassionate human being you really are.

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