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Greetings Bloggers! Opportunities For You and Me!

Hej! I hope you are all well! This is going to be a very short post, simply to say thank you and tell of some extras!
I wanted to say a big thank you, to those that read my posts! I really love that I can write my thoughts, likes and feelings down and there is still fabulous people out there that want to read what I have to say!
I started this blog in September and am now trying to be good and writing here regularly. I hope to do lots of giveaways soon too!
Here are the upcoming giveaways, so lets make sure we reach the goals so they can happen!
600 followers on BlogLovin: I'm currently on something like 450 followers on BlogLovin, so not long to go!
100 likes on Facebook: I have just opened a page of Facebook, as it's an easy way to show you guys the latest posts. I would love if you could take a second to like the page!
500 followers on Twitter: I have just opened a new Twitter account just for Kerry's Habitat instead of using my personal one.
I will always follow and like back, on Facebook, Twitter and BlogLovin! Plus once the goals are completed they'll be a fabulous giveaway! Yay! Please send me your links to your blogs so I can follow them! You can comment below or Tweet, Facebook me etc.
PLUS: I want you, yes you, reading this right now, to email me if you want to do a collaboration post! The only specifications that I ask you to have is that you feel we have similar tastes :) Email:
So I really hope I can reach these goals, as I love writing and reading other great blogs. Blogging is ALL about community! So hopefully this is the start of helping other blogs! Get your blog out there! Make it happen :)



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