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5 Books: Inspiring and Insightful

 I have to say I really don't understand how someone cannot like books. But then again if someone gets the same amount of joy I do from reading, from makeup or cycling; then fair enough.

But there is something special about a book. The pages are made of a substance that was once living, and in a new way, it is living again. This time forever. It's crazy to think that within something that has a minute mass contains that of great depth and existence. In a way a book is an item of physics. Relative to us, a book is usually 6" by 9", with about 220 pages of cellulose pulp with printed ink in shapes and symbols that convey a message. Once this content of the book is made relative to our consciousness, it becomes a whole new dimension. I suppose it is the beauty of language. People may say that it is incredible that Shakespeare's name is still known of. But what is more incredible for me is that he's thoughts and consciousness still exists in a world where he does not. His consciousness is still living! Not in a spiritual or religious sense, but in a physical and meta-physical way. So there gives you a sense of why I personally will always love the idea of books and books themselves. I will always remain an observer and partaker in the enigmatic dimension of ink on paper.

Now after a very long introduction, here are some of my favourite books: (not in order: that is impossible to do)

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy: if there's one man that can transport you to another dimension simply by the medium of language then it is Mr. (Should have been Sir) Tolkien. I don't need to explain why, it should become quite clear once you have read the books. I was lucky enough to be read the books as a young child, so they've been apart of my life, for nearly all my life. Give them a go!

The Giver: For anyone that has always questioned life the universe and everything in it, them this book gently eases you into a philosophical dimension. Funnily enough this was the most recent philosophical provoking book I've read. I went about it the wrong way and read the hard-core philosophical texts (Plato, Hegel) first. But either way this book is amazing. It's dystopian with philosophical themes running through out, and to me seemed to be reminiscent of Plato's Cave analogy. 

The Great Divorce: Many people may say that to read C.S. Lewis you have to have some inclination towards Christianity. But I wholeheartedly disagree. Don't approach this from a religious perspective, but an individual perspective of life and death and what it might mean. Explore that which we try to ignore in our lives. C.S. Lewis introduces a different approach to death.

Letters of Vincent Van Gogh: I had no idea what kind of man Van Gogh truly was. If you watch the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who that just scraps the surface of what an incredible yet troubled mind he has. I really relate to this man and I would really recommend this book if you have a passion for art. But also if you struggle with depression or over-thinking things. His story may be sad, but it gives you some clarity that you are not alone.

Henry IV Part 1 and 2/Henry V: Oh I can hear you now! "Ugh Shakespeare, boring!" But I promise you he really isn't! Maybe before I suggest you go straight into reading these stories. Watch the production that the BBC recently did of Henry IV and V. Then jump right in and get lost in a tempest of language. Wonderful!

A Brief History of Time: Humanity strives to know that which they don't know. Stephen Hawking introduces us to the beauty of the natural universe. It's not a difficult read, and you don't need a degree in physics to read it. Hopefully it will poke a fire of passion about science!

The Life and Death of Socrates: Lastly, we come to Socrates. Some people may say he was a sexist etc. but I really think he is misunderstood. I don't want to teach you about him, I want you to find out for yourself. Read the short book by Plato, then research other things about him. Become a philosopher!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to read what your favourite books are. Comment below for a gold star!


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