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ASOS: Sale Wishlists!

Just a quick little post today! I was having a look at certain sales online and I came across the ASOS one! It's actually a really great sale. I think the summery side of me was coming out today! Who says you can't be summery in winter, just be careful you don't get a cold! Everything's in the sale! So that's always good.

 I am in love with the £48 shoes. I think wedge-style shoes are amazing. I only have a few pairs but definitley plan on adding to my collection. I have 2 slipped discs in my spine so I know I should stay well-clear of any heal. But if I am compltely honest if the shoe has a thick heel it almost cancels out the heel height all together. I don't experience any discomfort; they feel just like flats (for me anway).
I also find the daring black skater dress on the far right amazing. I'd love to be brave and wear it on a night out, I think the mesh must be not completely see-through. Why not live a little.
 I was unsure about the long Aztec print dress to start off with, but it's definitely growing on me when I think about how I would style it. It would be perfect for the spring, as it's a great length. I guess it's a spring festival look. I personally like boots with dresses and no tights. Those wooden sun glasses are a complete steal at £3.00! What are you waiting for!
These items are quite simple but still lovely. I know the print dress isn't really simple. But I personally think I would wear it just on it's own. No tights or accessories and if I'm at a festival then no shoes! :) The blue dress on the left strangley reminds me of the modern re-make of Romeo and Juliet (DeCaprio version). I don't know why! It would be lovely on a night own or evening meal with someone special. 


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