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What Outfit Would You Choose In A Zombie Apocalypse? Collaboration with Kirsty Hogg!

Shuffle through, shuffle through. Welcome to the decontamination tent. Put all your belongs to the left and line up in single file; wait to be examined! It's 2014 and a serious outbreak of swine-flu has adapted and manifested into a deadly contagion. It seems to have mutated into a virus that causes the dead to rise from their dirty, rotten graves. Awakening from their eternal slumber they are only one thing: hungry.

Blah blah blah. It's a scenario we've all heard numinous times in epic (and not so epic) blockbusters. This is a collaboration post with the lovely Kirsty Hogg from 'Conversations With My Closet', and I was really trying to think what we could write about! I wanted to do something different. My very strange mind turned to this: Your happily typing away on blogger, when you look out of the window. Your next door neighbor is desperately trying to break through the fence to get into your garden! You have no idea why sweet little old Margaret would be doing that. When you notice she's covered in blood and has a severed arm hanging from her mouth! After the shock of everything you realize the world cannot end while you are in your pajamas! So what would you wear?!

In this very strange and random post I've put together an outfit (from my already existing wardrobe) that I would be comfortable in to smash zombies with a bat and survive for as long as possible. Here we go!(*please don't take this seriously in any way*) :)

I may surprise you that I have not got with jeans. For me the first rule of surviving is make sure you are comfortable. I've never been comfortable in jeans. So instead I have your good old Primark tights. I'm also very comfortable in the casual skater dresses than you can get in most fashion outlets for under £10. This particular one is from Primark. 
As well as being comfortable it's also important to be warm. So under my coat I've got a super comfortable black cardigan from Forever 21. The coat is from George (Asda)

Dress: Primark - £5
Scarf: Primark - £5
Coat: George - £15 (was £34)
Cardigan: Forever 21 - £7
Tights: Primark - £3.50 (Super Cosy)
Bag: TopMan - £26

Shoes: Primark - £12 (sale price)
I'm in love with my shoes, I purchased them about a week ago from Primark in the sales section. They are really comfortable and something I wouldn't normally go for. I think they look really cute for these cold winter months with tights and a dress. (really good for stepping on zombies)

As I'm writing this I've noticed that I have unconsciously picked mostly Primark items. As their reputation for wear and tare isn't very good, I think I have noticed a flaw. It seems that with this outfit I may only make 6 months until they all fall apart! Maybe I can find a deserted Top Shop and get all the clothes I couldn't afford pre-zombie apocalypse. 

Now over to the fabulous Kirsty Hogg who is much more in-tune with fashion that I am!

It's a typical week night, I'm in my bubble bath surrounded by candles and reading the latest posts on bloglovin when the fan goes off and my music stops. "Another bloody power cut?" Electricity tripping is normal when you live in small villages, especially this one, but when the tap starts run cold and everything gets a little eery I know something is wrong. Standing up in the bath and peering out of the frosted window it looks like the hockey team playing on the pitch behind my house are limping over this way, at speed and are somehow covered in blood. Considering a vital part of a bath is bearing all and submerging yourself naked into water. I have one thing to consider, what should I wear?

I've been asked the question by the lovely Kerry "what would you wear during a Zombie apocalypse?" as part of a collaboration. I think as a female who loves clothes, fashion and style we have all thought about what we would wear in certain situations but this? It took me back, what would I actually wear?

When you see these Zombie movies, they're all lucky enough to be dressed practically for the situation - never have I personally seen a Zombie movie with the main characters in Louboutins and an metres of chiffon but that's because for Zombies or no Zombies no one will risk breaking their favourite heels or snagging chiffon.

I have found that I have to plan my outfits in advance or my bedroom looks not far off a bomb site, I have far too many clothes as my boyfriend reminds me when I am staring hopelessly at my wardrobe saying "I have nothing to wear" so I suppose in case of a Zombie attack I should maybe be prepared.

I have found myself living in leather skirts and fur recently, a trend which wouldn't be as suitable for running through crash sites and fighting off the dead. If the attack was to happen right now, with the weather I am experiencing at Huddersfield I would need to need something warm and protect me from the harsh wind I can hear outside.

As a starting point I could say a pair of running trousers I own from ELLE which are like a trusty pair of leggings but they're just warmer to wear and wick away any sweat I may get as I run away from the lifeless bodies, but instead I'm going to rely on my trusty pair of skinny jeans from F&F. I used to hate wearing jeans but these are surprisingly comfy and I don't think I could deal with someone raiding through my wardrobe and taking them from me. I would this with my new favourite top "More Issues Than Vogue" it's super comfy and maybe my humour may bring some life back into the dead. I have also paired this with a blush pink beanie, I thought I'd go for this colour as if I'm gonna die I might as well do it in this seasons colours. 

As much as I said leather and fur aren't appropriate for a Zombie raid my Calvin Klein leather cannot and will not be left behind, and hey! Fur is insulating in these cold winter months!
As for shoes, you'd be stupid not to wear a good pair of flats. As much as we can all run in our heels as we go from club to club at the weekend, no one is as good in heels as they are flats - not even the queen of the catwalk Naomi Campbell. I'd chose my fur lined boots, as they are much comfier than my favourite Nike trainers and warmer too (plus they would look slightly better as a whole, is that bad? That's bad isn't it)!

I don't tend to wear make up, but this question made me think...what would I bring with me?! I have a slouchy shoulder bag which doubles up as a rucksack so I would probably stash my special possessions with me. I have a small photo frame in my room which my boyfriend did for me when I came back from a five week holiday, so that would be thrown in there. My new iPhone, if it ever gets signal, might be handy too...a bottle of water, or maybe a few! I would also bring some changes in underwear and wet wipes because honestly, zombies or not we all need to be fresh and clean! Might be the secret of fending zombies away that all these movies are missing...

What would you bring on your Zombie escape? Similar to me, or completely different?! 

@kirstyhoggo x

PS I realise in my (slightly rubbish quality pictures, Kerry puts me to shame!) I've shown my all time favourite Vivienne Westwood bag but I'm about to get taken by Zombies, and if this is my last photo I might as well include some of that sass.
Well that was that lovely collab post with Kirsty! Don't forget to follow her on Bloglovin. What would your first move be in a zombie apocalypse? 


Joie Fatale said...

This is such a fun post!
For me, I would definitely need some steel toed docs, sturdy but comfy jeans, and a good backpack shirts and sports bras and a swimuit just to be ready for anything.

Jenny said...

Just saw this! It looks great! :)

Finn said...

Fabulous! Love the Walking Dead, makes me want to go kill some zombies! x

Fili said...

Damn! Why did I only just discover your blog now! I want those Primark boots, i bet theyre not available now :(

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