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What To Get YOURSELF This Valentines Day!

Put that ice cream down, step out of those unwashed clothes. If there is no one special in your life at the moment, then really that means (apart from family and friends) you are your favourite person. Why do us singletons get left out on valentines. People spend hundreds sometimes thousands on their partner. So this year I'm not suggesting that you go out on a desperate rampage to find yourself a date for valentines day. Instead, relax, take the time to be you. Indulge in your favourite films, TV shows, books and video games. Those poor people in relationships don't get to stay in and play Assassins Creed whilst wearing cosy rabbit slippers, do they?!

 I suppose this collection of items is for the 'lets stay in tonight person'. Which, by the way is me 75% of the time! The rabbit cardigan from Oasap is the cutest cardigan I have seen this side of 2014. I also thought; why not start a new book? Treat yourself! You may not have a Mr. Darcy, Peter Mellark or a Robb Stark in real life but you can in the world of the pages. Fall in love with a story.
 For the person that wants and deserves to spend a little more money on the finer look. Buy a brand new dress that you've been in love with for the past few months. I love this black and white dress from She Inside. It reminds me of the liberal romance of Paris. What a perfect time to re-fill your make up bag. Boots have 3 for 2 on a few of their make up ranges at the moment; including Barry M!
Why not spend the hours of Valentine's curled up on the sofa watching a good movie. I purposfully didn't go for your typical 'rom-com' films. I like a little bit of difference thrown into my films. About Time is a beautiful story; yes a love story but with a difference. If you haven't seen it, I'll say no more. But trust me you'll go on a wonderful and humble journey. Another film you must see is 'What Maisie Knew'. It wasn't mass-released in cinema's, but it is a perfect film all the same. You'll fall in love with the characters and dislike a few. The film will end with you wanting to carry on in their world. 
If having a little sob at a film isn't for you, then kick some ass with a game. Who wouldn't want to spend their evening with a handsome pirate? or fly to Asgard and kick Loki's butt?

On a serious note, I hope you have a lovely Valentines who ever you are with and wherever you are. Just remember single or not it's really not that big of a deal. 
Love is forever not just one day :) *cheese*


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