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The Best Geekery On Etsy

Hello lovely readers! Isn't it about time you let your inner geek out? Yes I think so too. There are many huge businesses out there that supply us with awesome geekery items. But let us take a moment to wonder at what is available from those that craft their geekery items with hard work and love. I am of course talking about Etsy. A land where talented makers come together to showcase and sell their handmade loveliness.
These designs are sophisticated and simple. Perfect for decoration in the house. The bookmarks are an absolute bargain at £1. Who wouldn't want to walk around in an I Am Sherlocked and Souffle Girl Tee?!
These prints are too cute to handle. They are such an innovative idea. If I was lucky enough to be a parent I would 100% decorate their bedroom with the 'book cover' prints. Actually scrap that. I would happily decorate my own bedroom with those prints! I only hope they think about illustrating their own real children's books!
Keep your little tootsies warm in these fab shoes from Miss Owl B. I love how unique they are, I definitely don't think you'd run into anyone else wearing them at a party. You'd be the best dressed there.
One of my absolute favourites in Heart Felt Design. Her cushions are probably, actually off the scale of cuteness. Every time I visit her Etsy shop I just fall into a coma of cuteness. Imagine cuddling up to all these fabulous characters! For the amount of hard work that is put into these items; under £20 is a bargain!
Joining Heart Felt Designs off the cuteness scale is Sari Plushies. Cute little additions to any geeks household. They are so detailed: looking just like the characters and I am sure made with tons of love. For under £15 how can you not!
I'm not going to write about my own Etsy shop as that would be weird! But I'm not going to not mention it. I do large plushies for £8.50, small plushies for £4.50 along with ink illustrations and brooches. So once you've looked at all the stores above, then I'd be very happy if you popped along to mine.

If there is one thing Etsy is about then it is about community. Some people may ask; why I am freely advertising my competition? I don't see it like that at all! I know how much I enjoy making what I make; the fact that people want to spend money on it makes me enormously grateful. So I know how each maker feels. If I can support them in anyway then of course I will. I hope you enjoy pondering at the wonders of Etsy. If you have a shop on Etsy please share it below and you might be featured in the March issue of Free Geek. Woo!


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