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Fashion Started With A Big Bang: The Big Bang Theory

I'll always be the first to say that I truly think The Big Bang theory is one of the best (if not THE best) sitcom on TV. I love it. I can relate to so much of it and it's great to see that it's not a TV show full of try-hards and models. I know that some people feel that they are over-stereotyped. But when it comes to fictional TV shows you have to allow for a little stereotyping. At least this stereotyping is of the best kind of people: nerds! Anyway, this post is similar to the Netflix posts that I used to do. I will start them again soon! Here is a little fashion inspired by some of the fabulous cast of The Big Bang Theory.

I wanted to try and make the Sheldon 'mood board' not too cheesy. Of course I had to include the Green Lantern T-shirt! I love the shoes from MissPap they are really unusual and £30.00 is a great price!
I didn't want to do the typical skinny jeans for Leonard. So I decided on a fabulous skater skirt that you can never go wrong with. I also love the glasses from Boots, I own a pair which are prescription. However I'm sure you can get them with normal lenses.
I love this outfit! It's cute yet simple. The black hair bow is my favourite. In fact due to limit finances at the moment I have a whole list of bows that I want to make from my massive collection of Felt. You can get a felt sheet for 50p from most craft stores. All you need is a needle and thread. I usually just sew a bobby pin to the back.

Poor Howard isn't known for his great style in  clothes! I tried to stay as true as I could to Mr Wolowitz's unique fashion sense. I love the tartan blouse, that isn't your typical over-bearing tartan pattern. Instead of a hideous belt buckle I decided a cute Trekky brooch is much more befitting.
I think I've saved the best for last. How can you not love Penny's style? It's cute and preppy without being too over the top. I love the cami dress from Forever 21, it just makes me wish Summer was on its way.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm planning to do a few more post like this and may include some of the Netflix style ones I did before. You can check them out in the links below. Do you like The Big Bang Theory? Who is your favourite character? Mine always has to be Sheldon. I will resist the urge to end this post with a Bazinga. ;)


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