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Where Does a Nerd Go In London? + a Geeky Haul

Recently I popped into the fabulous London town for a great comic book store pilgrimage! Which is featured in 'Free Geek's' March Issue. Anyway! I'm going to show to where the best places to go are in London. I've always felt that London is where my heart is, literally. Stepping out onto the busy streets makes me feel comfortable and a sense of home. I know for some it can be scary, busy, smelly and irritating, but not for me. If there's one thing that I love more than London then it is comics and when you put them together? Then it's perfection. Surprisingly I couldn't find that many stores in central London. If I have missed any then I'd love to hear about them!  

The four stores that I think are the best are: 
Tokyo Toys - Here you won't find comics, but you will find the cutest Manga and some gaming merch. I meant to go back and buy a Charmander plush for £18 but I forgot to go back! Postcode: W1D 7DH (Piccadilly Circus)
Mega City Comics - Tucked away in a side street off the busy Camden Town, Mega City has a huge range of graphic novels and recent comic issues. You'll also find some great back issues starting from 50p. Postcode: NW1 7HJ (Camden Town)
Forbidden Planet - FP is a great store for you to get lost in, amongst the huge amount of merch and comics. Good luck coming out empty handed! Postcode: WC2H 8JR (Tottenham Court Road or 5 mins walk from Orbital Comics)
Orbital Comics - Here is my favourite, Orbital has so much character! It's great to support the smaller business' specifically when they have great items at great prices. Postcode: WC2H 7JA (Leicester Square)

Now for the best bit! What did I buy? I did prepare to spend quite a lot of money. When I got home I thought I'd spent all of my money, when in fact I'd only spent half of it! I would say that depending on what you want the prices at all the stores are fair. 

Magneto Was Right Tee - £17.99
Assassins Creed Vinyl Sticker - £1.00
Amazing Xmen #001 & #003 - £2.85 (each)
Avengers (UK) Back Issue - £2.00
Thor Deviants Saga Back Issue - £2.85
Deadpool #019 - £2.20
Walking Dead Comics #115 -#117 - £2.20 (each)
Amazing Xmen #002 - £2.20
Thor: Fear Itself #7 - 99p
Walking Dead #1 (re-print/colour) - £4.50
Loki (Dark World) Action Figure - £5.00
Make Your Own Lego Mini Figure - £1.99 or 3 for £4.99

 I'm really happy with all my buys! I was mostly pleased with my find of the Loki action figure. For some reason you can't find one of those figures for less than £20 online. So when I came across the Loki one in the sale I was one happy bunny. I wouldn't pay anymore than £5 for it! Do you like my mini figure that I made at the Lego store? Can you guess what character it is? I really wish I remembered to go back to Tokyo Toys to buy the super cute and cuddly Charmander plush. I'm also really pleased with all the comics too, I've got a lot of reading to be getting on with.

Have you splurged on any geeky goodness this month? Let me know!


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