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#7 Sherlock: Sherlock Fashion and Style

So I have finally decided to do the Netflix posts again. If you haven't read any of these before; here is a quick introduction. It is a quick and simple post. I say what I like and what I don't like. The best bit is putting together outfits and items that I feel could be inspired by the show or film. I'll do these posts about every 2 weeks, so this time it is Sherlock.
I know Sherlock has a huge audience which is growing everyday. However I am also aware that there are probably quite a few people who remain unsure about watching it. Sometimes shows that have such a huge following can be a turn-off. Please don't let it be. Give it a chance. It's not a perfect television show, but it's pretty close. I think the BBC really struck gold when they cast for every character. I'm sure Cumberbatch thanks his 'lucky stars' that Sherlock has propelled him into the spotlight. Although I'm sure both him and Freeman would have got there eventually. Last series felt like it had it's week episodes to me, like the wedding. But I only think it was because we had no idea what to expect. At the time I thought that nothing really happened in the second episode and that the role of Magnussen was rushed. Looking back I realised that maybe it wasn't. We are not used to this sort of format for programmes. 3 episodes per season is unheard of, but Moffat and his team create mini movies for us in under a year. Every TV show has it's gripes but it seems to me that very few belong to Sherlock. Give it a chance.

Sherlock's outfit! I want to make it clear I never really want to re-create their outfits completely. That would be just a tad strange unless of course cos-play is in order ;) Anyhow I love this outfit, I would happily wear this! It's all very mature but the cute cat face shirt lets in a little of my personality which is essential; I think! The over sized blazer from River Island makes sure this outfit isn't uncomfortable and too dressy for the day. I am in love with the MISSPAP shoes. I feel they would really set this outfit off, and at £24 a bargain.

How cute are the items for Watson. I know the suede shoes from Topshop are quite expensive. But every pair of shoes I've purchased from them have lasted a lot lot longer than shoes from other cheaper stores. Plus they are such a nice colour. Pairing the blouse and long skirt would be perfect for spring. Adding a simple flower from New look to your hair, adds a little personality. Stay nice and cosy just like Watson with a lovely chunky cardigan.

I couldn't resist a little self-promotion so hopefully you'll forgive me! You can get yourself your very own made to order plushie for only £8.50. You can have anything you'd like. Even turn yourself or a loved one into a plushie. Or to stick with the theme why not turn yourself and Sherlock or Watson into plushies so you can crime fight together in plush form.
Also the BBC have a great new Sherlock store where you can pre-order your items now.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments below. Also check out some of the other posts similar to this one. Links below.


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