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Current Topshop Favourites: Bring on Spring and Summer

What's the second best to splurging all your money on clothes? Making a wishlist and pretending your splurging all the money you don't have. Topshop has some really strong items in it's latest collection. Subtle and not so sublte hints of spring to brighten up our wintery wardrobes. I've put together a few outfits and favourites for you, all edited and ready to be marveled at. So let's delve in and I apologise if your bank account looks a little sad after reading this post.

 I feel this outfit is really cute and girly yet still mature and formal. I love chunky shoes so pairing them with a formal outfit is my favourite thing to do. Also who says longer skirts are for older people?! I love midi skirts, they are so elegant and comfortable.

 This outfit is quite bold and something I wouldn't nessearily go for. But I thought I'd be brave! It has a great festival feel to it. Light, bright and fun. Everything a spring/summery outfit should be. Topshop also have an incredible flower crown collection at the moment, so check them out!
 I love this outfit. I know pink isn't for everyone, but I think it all goes together perfectly. I can imagine this on the beach, relaxing with a fabulous cocktail or ice cream. I think it has a little Katy Perry look to it also. Add a little colour to your wardrobe with all these items. The pink shoes have to be my favourite, and for £30.00 they're even better!
How can anyone resist a Unicorn tee! I certinaly can't, and it is a good price too. I think cigarette style trousers will be really popular this year, they are cute and comfortable. Pastel colours are very popular also, and I suppose this appeals slightly to that look. It's important to be an individual in fashion, so just a hint of a trend is perfect. I would wear this outfit when having a day trip to the farm, and cuddling all the baby animals. :)

Lastely here are three dresses from Topshop that vary in price ranges. I own the £34.00 blue and white dress, and it has been worn about 100 times (washed inbetween of course!) is incredibly soft and cosy! I love the £55 dress, it would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding, such a beautuiful colour and design. The £25.00 dress is a lovely shape, it reminds me of the 1940's, lovely design and colour. It's on sale for £25!

I hope you liked my outfits. I hope your not too out of pocket! What was your favourite outfit? 


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