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MARVEL: Neek Box Unboxing Marvel vs DC

Greetings readers. Recently I've been slightly obsessed with mystery bags, such as Lego and The Hobbit. I've also really liked the idea of geek-subscription boxes, however they are all from the US! Enter: Neek Box

They are a really great new and friendly company who have started providing the UK's geek's and nerd's with fabulous geekery every month. 
How could I resist this month of DC vs Marvel. You could specify which theme you'd like, or you could mix the two. Of course I decided to have a Marvel only box.

I have done a mini video to go along with the post, just because it might be easier. Don't worry the video doesn't feature me or my voice. Let the review and unboxing commence.

Fabulous sticker that proves the awesomeness of Marvel, I like that they used the Sassiest superhero to tell the news. Deadpool <3
 You can't go wrong with Marvel candy, although my dentist might disagree.

Cuteness little button and I'm not 100% about the actual use of the cutest little things I've ever seen. But I know that personally I will make them into jewellery, maybe a mini necklace!
 As soon as I saw that lovely Pop! logo I was even more excited. I was also nervous that it could be one I already have. But I didn't. Wolverine has been welcomed into my Pop! Vinyl family <3
 I love this shirt, the design is really unique. I'm really glad Neek Box use alternative designs for T-shirts rather than your typical Marvel or DC designs that every shop seems to sell. I've worn is a million times already!
Of course I was nervous that I wouldn't get awesome stuff as this was my first Neek Box, but I had NO need to worry whatsoever. I have been converted. If you have any questions comment below. Who do you prefer Marvel or DC?


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