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March Favourites: Topshop bargains, Barry M, Catching Fire and Kittens!

Well we may be 8 days into April, but I am still going to do March favourites. Why not! Last month for me was full of dentist visits, applying for jobs and shopping for kittens. So next month look forward to lots of pictures of little Siamese kittens. On with the favourites.

I got two really great bargains from Topshop. Usually I don't find too much in the sale, but that day I did. I was surprised to see the check smock dress in the sale already, I couldn't resist. Both are really soft and comfortable.
Check smock dress - Topshop - £15.00 *sale price
Blue smock/skater dress - Topshop - £10.00 *sale price

If you are looking for an easy, funny and well written comic then I urge you to read Loki: Agent of Asgard. We see Loki evolve into a young adult dealing with being a busy Norse God, and the musings of Earth. It really is a funny comic. I know the whole 'Loki' thing has exploded into a tempest of popularity but a little guilty indulgence doesn't matter.

This series of comics is brand new, and being released in the US about once a month (I think). I order from Disposable Heroes Comics as you can pre-order and it's cheap with free P&P.  The comics aren't being released 'officially' in the UK although most comic book stores should have it in stock. If not then try online comic shops such as Disposable Heroes.

Loki Agent of Asgard - Disposable Heroes Comics - £2.25


 I'm on a very tight budget at the moment, so I haven't been splurging too much on beauty products as I have enough already. But my friend recommended the 'modelsown' lip crayons. They are a really reasonable price and colour nicely. I also got a few (what I call) spring themed nail varnish's. I have a lot of Barry M varnish but I hadn't tried the Gelly range. I have to be honest I don't really notice a huge difference, than normal glossy. But the colours are still lovely, I also got a red one too which is really nice.
Models Own Lip-Stix's - Boots - £5.00 (each, 2 for £8)
Gelly Barry M Nail Paint - Boots - £3.99 (each, Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price)

 Yay, lovely vintage books. I visited Battlesbridge Antique Centre the other day. Usually I can't find books that are a reasonable price. The  rule usually is the older the book --> the more expensive. I was so happy when I came across these three books. The first two; that to other people may appear to be in bad condition, were from the late 1800's. I love it when books are used and not in mint condition. The bigger book is a fairy tale book, called 'The Happy Dragon' and has really lovely illustrations.
Aprils Lady 1800's - Battlesbridge Antiques Centre - £2.00
The Dean and His Daughter 1800's - Battlesbridge Antiques Centre - £2.00
The Happy Dragon and Other Fairy Tales 1925 - Battlesbridge Antiques Centre - £5.00

 If it is a distopian film then I probably already love it. The Hunger Games storyline is basically written for me. I suppose that I am quite fortunate that the actors portraying these intricate characters are incredibly talented. I'm happy about the fact they are splitting the last film into two. It may mean longer to wait, but it also means that the whole franchise isn't over this year. Anyway, it was great to re-enter this world and owning the DVD will suppress my impatience for the next film.
 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Sainsburys - £9.99

 When I read there was a trailer for The Giver, my heart rate may have exceeded 120bpm. I read the book last year before I knew there was going to be a film. It was a lovely treat to finish the book and learn about the upcoming blockbuster. I would have preferred the film to be an independent type film, but I still have high hopes for the film. The trailer didn't leave me overly excited, I just have to try and not be a novel purist. I guess I'll have to give the film a good chance. 

 Lastly, last month I got a few new pairs of glasses. I actually use Boots as my actual opticians as personally I've had a lot better experience with them. But I needed some more glasses and Boots didn't really have many affordable options, so I thought I'd look at Specsavers. If you need glasses but don't want to spend £100's then take a look at their range. I got all three glasses for £94. They have quite a few glasses that are lovely and only £25. 
Tortoise Shell Glasses - Specsavers - £25.00
 Red Glasses - Specsavers - £69.00
Black/Brown Glasses - Specsavers - £69.00
(*2 for £69)

 Oh and lastly a little picture of one of the wittle kittens that will be joining our family in May. This little boy is called Bilbo <3 He is a Siamese Chocolate Point (8 weeks old) and loves cuddles.

I really hope you had a lovely last month. If you didn't then remember all the positive aspects of your life, and I hope this post added a little positivity to your day. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I love hearing from you all! Till next time.


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