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The Hobbit Action Figures: Mini Review of My Collection

I think since 2014 has started I've become possessed by a past collector. The only items I used to 'collect' were my comics (current and back issue) and old books. Now I'm looking around my room, and it's slowly being taken over by stuff.
The idea of collecting really is strange. When I think about it objectively, I think there is no point in me collecting this. It has no use or purpose. However I still love collecting. I'm not someone who will pay a lot for an item, it has to be a bargain.

Much like The Hobbit figures I've recently started collecting; I thought I'd do this post to celebrate the release of The Desolation of Smaug to DVD (7th April UK). I suppose this is a quick look at the figures I have. I'm not an avid or professional collector, so this will be in no way in-depth.  I thought I'd also do a video to show the product more closely plus, it's a bit more engaging that plain text. 

 I would say that Thorin probably looks the most realistic in terms of similarity to the actor (if that matters). He comes with his awesome 'Oak Sheild', two swords  and a fabulous furry cardigan ;)
The Works - £1.99 (sale price)
 Bilbo is super cute, I do feel that he may look a tad like Sam (Wise-Gamgee) but that's not a bad thing. He comes with his very important man-bag and drink carrier, lets not forget that very important sword of his!
The Works - £1.99 (sale price)
 Ah Legolas, 14 years on and I still love this elven dude. Legolas is well kitted out with two daggers/swords (I'm not a weapons expert!) and a really well detailed bow and arrow set.
The Works - £1.99 (sale price)
 I know Tauriel is quite a controversial addition to the movie franchise. But I really don't mind and I loved the books/book before the films. Peter Jackson knows what he's doing. Like Legolas she has her own set of daggers/swords and a bow and arrow set.
The Works - £1.99 (sale price)
 The freaky Yazneg is next. He is incredibly detailed, I managed to pick him up at Toys R Us for £3.99! He just comes with his 'whatever that is' weapon! (axe?) But he's detail makes up for the lack of accessories.
Toys R Us - £3.99 (sale price)
 Aw it's everyone's Middle Earth Grandad. This action fig is really good quality and quite heavy! He's accessories include a wizardly amazing hat (which you may have to blue tack on), staff and the one and only Glamdring. Oh and his wizard throw also comes off.
The Works - £1.99 (sale price) 

 I was really surprised at the quality of these figures, even at their RRP they are a steal. I really encourage you to collect something (it doesn't have to be nerdy). It's much more fun when you are on a budget. These are the 6" figures opposed to the smaller 3.75" figures available. It is a tad annoying that they haven't introduced a lot more characters in the 6" figure range. 


I still need Radagast and Azog which are the new 6" figures from Wave 2. I plan on visiting Toys R Us tomorrow, fingers crossed. People collect little figurines etc. so why not figures from your favourite TV show, film or book! I promise you won't be disappointed with these figures. Hopefully you can find them for a decent price as well.

Let me know what you think, are you going to start collecting something? What is your dream item?


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