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Assassin's Creed Black Flag: Fashion and A Movie

ARRRRR welcome aboard ye greatest ship on the seas. Ye better be ready for hard work, fighting and murderrrr. 

I wanted to do a fun quick post about Assassins Creed: Black Flag. I feel Assassins Creed has become underestimated. People tend to make assumptions that it's lost its 'magic' purely because there have been so many games. I've heard people say 'is Assassins Creed still going?' and I reply with a look of annoyance. I need to admit something. Before I'd played AC I already made up my mind that I wouldn't like it. I'm not made of money so cannot afford to buy all the games I want too (on PS4). So I look to YouTube gaming channels. Don't roll your eyes. I think they are great and I am going to mention a name that may cause you to sigh and roll your eyes. PewDiePie. Yes I watch his channel. However I only tend to watch him play the series games. Although not South Park (not my cup of tea). For example if a game as a great story line then I am already on board. Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Walking Dead etc. It annoys me when people automatically dislike Felix for what seems like no reason. But that is a whole other post. Back to the seas. 

I'm only going to focus on Black Flag as it's the newest in the franchise; and I think the best. I really enjoyed the story line of the game, as it focused on the pirating and not essentially on Assassins. You were still aware that first and foremost Kenway was a pirate. And a kick-ass one at that. I thought it would be fun to put together a Black Flag inspired outfit. But also put together a list of people I think should play them in a Black Flag movie. That's always fun.
On The Big Screen
I haven't given all the characters their actors because I was simply getting tired and I couldn't think of any more actors. I purposefully haven't seen any other posts about who should play who as I wanted to make sure I wasn't influenced. It'll be fun to see how many agree and how many really disagree with my choices! Onwards!

 Edward Kenway: Chris Hemsworth 
I'm pretty sure this must be an obvious choice. I would like to see an unknown character in this role but I think Hemsworth is still a great choice.Plus he basically looks exactly like Kenway.

 Adewale: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
I've recently started watching Lost again and as I was watching I was thinking how much Eko's character reminded me of someone. Then I thought this guy is meant to play Adewale. When I went to look up the actors name I was even more sure. They have the same name!

Edward 'Black Beard' Thatch: Bryan Cranston
I was really pleased with myself when I thought of Bryan Cranston to play Black Beard. How amazing would he be! He is such a versatile actor that he could easily play the eccentric and hot headed Mr. Thatch. 

 James Kidd aka Mary Read: Rose Leslie
 I first noticed the similarity when I thought they had similar voices. But looking at it now she even looks a tad like the character. I think Rose could easily pull off this troubled character.

 Bartholomew Roberts 'Sage': Jason Mamoa 
 I suppose I'm sticking with the GOT theme here, but I originally thought Liam Neeson should play the Sage and boy was I wrong. Mamoa is perfect for the role. Although he may have to acquire the Welsh accent!

Benjamin Hornigold: Woody Harrelson
I think Harrelson is an underused actor, he really is incredibly talented. I love him in Hunger Games. He would make a great passionate Hornigold.

Anne Bonny: Scarlette Johansson
I know people seem to have this negative view on Scarlette but I really don't understand why! I think she is a great actress. Isn't Black Widow just a modern day version of the awesome, ass-kicking Anne Bonny. I think it's a great match.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the post. Please let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices. Maybe get a little debate going! It's annoying to think that there will have to be quite a few Assassin Creed films before we can get to this one. But if Michael Fassbender plays Altaïr (not Desmond Miles) I can deal with it! Also check out the latest Assassin's Creed: Unity teaser trailer below.


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