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Introducing Wynter: A Female Protagonist and Cosplay.

'The surpirse science fiction hit of the year' - Geeks with Wives

'If you call yourself a science fiction fan this shouldn't be required reading but necessary for you to exist.' Adventures in Poor Taste

'Once in a while a new book shows up out of nowhere and reminds you why you love comics in the first place.' - Rhymes with Geek

'Sci Fi extravaganza.' - Fortress of Solitude

I was lucky enough to be invited to take a look at the first 2 issues of Wynter a brand new comic from New Worlds Comics. I always seem to find myself keeping within the boundaries of Marvel. I only read a select few 'other' comics. I love that there are more and more companies that are striving to represent and produce incredibly talented writers and artists. I am very excited to delve into other comics. If you have any recomendations then please comment below.

Here is the brief description of Wynter from the New Worlds website:

'It's the future. When 17 year-old Liz Wynter goes to sleep, commericals play in her head. When she wakes up, she checks our how many people followed her dreams and how many saw them.

It's the future. When she feels spciela, a voice in her head tells her: "5.4 billion+ had the same feeling in the last 4 seconds. Would you like to know who they are?"
How can you feel speical when everything's been done before, been felt before, been thought of before? How can you be special if there are so many people in the galaxy that every day three more are born with your DNA?

This is the story of Liz Wynter. She's not special.'

From the first words I could already tell this storyline was for me. I've always been a complete fan of the dystopian narrative. Not only does this comic have an appealing genre but we actually have a female protagonist. Can you beleive it?
It is actually something the New Worlds Comics prefer to have in their books, which I think is great.

Let's get on with Issue 1 and 2. Aesthically, there is no denying it's beauty. The artist; Aron Elekes has created a beautiful peice of art in the form of a comic. The overall mood of the narrative walks hand in hand with the art work, you feel compltely transported into this strange yet no so unfamiliar dystopian world. There is no denying that the dystopian genre has been used and over used. The fact that Guy Hasson (writer) has been able to create a new and engaging story-line in such a competitive genre is admirable. And refreshing.

I need to be honest I did find myself asking, why do most female protagonists have to appear slightly masculine? But then I had to understand Wynter's appearance in context. The world they exist within is completely different from ours. As Wynter tells us; no one is special.
The idea of being special is something I found really interesting. The comic really begings to explore what it means to be an individual. Maybe the by-product of being so technologically determinate means that we lose this idea of the individual. I love the possible underlying philosophical aspects to this comic. Struggling with themes of technology, sexuality, personalilty and what it means to be human. I would love to know whether this is something that Guy Hasson had in mind when writing Wynter.

I purposfully haven't gone into details about the comic because I really want you to be able to come to your own conclusions and ideas. I suppose I am merely allowing you to dip your toe into the world of Wynter. If you like futuristic, dystpoian stories with a hint of philosophical themes then this comic will be for you. Enjoy thrilling and humble writing that is seamlessly accompanied by beautiful and intriguing artwork.

Favourite Moments: 
  • How the retina display and 'personal voice' inside the characters interacts with certain situations. Particuarly what happens when someone dies in Issue #2.
  • That the writer isn't afraid to put humour in such a dark and scary world.

Least Favourite Moments: 
  • It is easy to forget that Liz Wynter is only 17 years old, but that is probably the point!
  • I want to explore more about the origin of Liz Wynter and how humanity has progressed to this crazy way of existing. I hope we get to find out!
A post can never be complete without a little inspired outfit. Of course this very outfit is inspired by the fabulous and badass Liz Wynter.

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Wynter #1 is available from Comixology for £1.49 per issue. Head over to New Worlds Comics for more information. If you get round to reading it let me know what you think! Can you recommend any unusual comics?


Billy said...

Finally! Someone acknowledging niche comics. I must admit the story-line does sound great!

Jenny said...

They should turn this into a film or TV show!

Kate said...

ooo what a fabulous outfit!

Kerrys Habitat said...

thanks! x

Kerrys Habitat said...

I know!x

Kerrys Habitat said...

It is! x

Jerry said...

Just starting reading, after reading this blog. Thanks for the info! x

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