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Jump From The Page: 2D Bags

Hello there! I think it must just be me. I can never ever find interesting, geeky or nerdy HANDBAGS for women. They are always masculine laptop style bags. Some geeks are girly! But, a few months a go I came across the curious designs of 2D bags. I think they are amazing. I've pinched a few pictures from the Jump From Paper website so you can see what I am talking about. Prices range from $20 to $139. 

Most of the bags are unfortunatly quite pricey, especially when you have an unsecure income like myself. My friend had the genius idea of searching on e-bay and Amazon. So crossing my fingers and toes; I did. To my surprise I found afforable versions. I'm not entirely sure whether these bags are legit. I know they are not Jump From Paper but they are offical 2D bags, and lots of people have purchased them. I believe they are also available in Camden. (London).

Here are a few pictures of the 2 bags I purchased.

They are both good sizes. You can easily fit in an iPad or comic book in the pink bag. The blue bag is a little smaller, and is probably only good for a phone and purse. 
They also have a zipped pocket on the back and a zipped pocket inside. 
The bag can be completely flat OR the big zip at the bottom of the bag allows for the bag to open up a little, allowing for more room.

Pink Bag Size: £10
32cm x 27cm x 8cm
Blue Bag Size: £6
19cm x 24cm x 2.5cm

I hoped you liked this post! Let me know if you purchase one of these fab bags. Maybe you found a real bargain? Have a lovely day, check the links below to find your new bag.



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