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May Favourites: X-Men, Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, Beauty + more!

Well it has been another month of 2014. Surely time cannot keep going this quickly?! I haven't really got a lot of favourites this month. However I've still got a few random things to share with you. I hope you all had a lovely month. I want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog, it means so much to me. I promise I'll try and do more content. Have a fantastic day :)

I know what you might be thinking. It's summer! Where are the sandals? I can never resist chunky shoes! Especially when they are a great price. I've managed to pick up a few pairs from Newlook and H&M. Newlook has a few shoes for £10 at the moment. Instore and online.
Here is a little 'summeryness' for you. Random I know. But this ice-cream has become THE best ice-cream ever; for me. It's not sickly or too sweet. Perfect for a night in with your favourite movie.
Banana Split Ice-cream - Asda - £2.00

I cannot find ANY clothes anywhere at the moment. Every shop I go into I just don't see any clothes that I like. Is anyone else feeling the same? I really would like to update my wardrobe for summer, but I'm failing miserably at it.I popped into Primark and picked up a couple of cute scarves.
Scarf 1 (Aztec print) - Primark - £4
Scarf 2 (Black & White) - Primark - £4

I found this product at Home Bargains, which is a discount store here in the UK. It was 99p. It is a fantastic product. Usually when I use similar products in my hair it can make my hair super greasy. This is perfectly balanced. It adds a lovely shine and health to my hair. I would 100% recommend this product, and for 99p you can't go wrong.
Argan Oil Spray - Home Bargains (in-store) - 99p

Another great product. I haven't yet seen it in discount stores but it is usually around £3 I think. Usually it is on special offer in Boots or Superdrug. It makes my skin really soft without it clogging up my pores. I don't use this product on my face though. It also smells amazing, and I think rather like Kinder chocolate!
 Cocoa Butter - Boots - £3.99

Vikings Gifts (From British Museum) - I managed to go and see the Viking exhibition at The British Museum, which was great. I learnt more interesting facts about my crazy and unique ancestors. The highlight of the exhibition were the remains of a Viking long-boat, it really was a great sight. A trip to an exhibition isn't complete without a trip around the gift shop. I don't think I have ever walked into a gift shop and not purchased anything. I didn't go crazy though. There was a beautiful viking scarf on sale but the £30 price tag was a little too much for me.
Viking Horn - £3.99
Rune Set - £10

Medieval Gifts (Sword/Hairband) - Sticking with a historical theme, My brother, father and I popped over to Hedingham Castle for the day. They had a Jousting event on. I'd never been to anything like it before so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. There were stalls, archery, gifts, castle tours and of course medieval jousting/fighting. It was great fun for the young and old. It wasn't the most authentic event, like Kentwell Hall is. But it was still great fun and exciting. Yet again there was a gift shop!
Medieval Hairband - £3.50
Wooden Sword - £3.20

X-Men Days of Future Past - There is no hiding it, we all know I am a complete slave to Marvel. (no complaining here) So the long awaited X-Men film has been a lovely treat this month. I did feel that the film was quite slow to start. I would liked to have seen more 'epicness' throughout the whole film. I still absolutely loved it! Mr Fassbender, was of course the highlight for me. Are you a McAvoy, Fassbender, Jackman or Hoult? or maybe someone else?
If you STILL haven't seen it stick around for the end of credits scene. What did you all think if you have seen it?
**SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT** It has been confirmed that the next X-Men instalment will involve Apocalypse. Which is always exciting. It will be great to see certain characters kicking-ass again. I only pray they find someone to play Nightcrawler! Bring him back already!

Sons of Anarchy - I had run out of programmes to watch. I felt as if I was in a TV purgatory. Until my friend (from Amy's Annex) mentioned Sons of Anarchy! Luckily all the series are on Netflix. I haven't been completely won over yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have a lot of series to get through however!

Watch Dogs - Of course this fabulous game came out this month. What a wait it has been. It seems like forever since we first saw alpha footage. Now we are all obsessed with the hacking bad-ass. The graphics are sensational, the story-line isn't incredible but the game play makes it all worth it. Can anyone who plays this game go through a set of traffic lights without hacking them? I know I can't. If you were thinking of starting a new game then I promise you won't be disappointed.

Simba and Bilbo - The cheeky kittens are around 4 1/2 months now. They've grown a lot and so has their personalities. Climbing everything and everyone. Don't forget to check out the latest pictures and videos on their page! -click here-
 I hope you all had a great May and I hope that June is just as good. Stay safe and be inspired. Till' next time. 


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