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Bargain Summer Outfits: £40 and under!

Hello lovely readers. Are you having a nice (slow) start to summer? Here in the UK it has been hovering around the 23C mark, which for us is reasonably hot. If it even hit 30C then we'd all have a melt down (pun intended). I love reading other blogs around the summer time, everything is brighter and lighter. So I thought I'd hop on the band wagon and get stuck into a fabulous summery fashion post. Shopping for a summer wardrobe can be expensive. So I thought I'd put together a few outfits that you can pick up for £40 and under. You can always pick and choose and mix up the outfits; whatever suits you. I hope you enjoy.

Newlook: Total - £38.95
Dress - £9.99
Sandals - £7.99
Sunglasses - £3.99* (Sale)
Cardigan - £9.99
Headband - £6.99

H&M: Total - £38.95
Top - £3.99
Skirt - £7.99
Shoes - £7.99
Hairband - £5.99
Bag - £12.99

Matalan: Total - £40.00
Dress - £10.00
Cardigan - £12.00
Sandals - £12.00
Sunglasses - £6.00

Ebay: Total - £33.61
Dress - £4.99
Bag - £3.99
Cape - £4.69
Hair Garland - £3.95
Sandals - £15.99

I hope you liked these outfits. Let me know if you purchased any of the items. I had to buy the flower headband from Ebay and the flower print dress from Matalan which is super comfortable and the perfect length. Although the banana bag is one of my favourites. What is an essential item for your summer wardrobe?


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Jess said...

These outfits are great for under £40! Especially the H&M one! X

Melissa said...

Oh I love the outfits, it makes me want to buy everything, haha ;) Great picks!


Kerrys Habitat said...

:) Oh Thank you xx

Kerrys Habitat said...

Thanks! :)

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