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Summer Inspiration: The Colour Yellow

It is a beautiful day. You are laying down in the grass, you can feel the individual blades of grass between your toes and fingers. The birds are gently chirping in the trees surrounding you. The soft breeze moves your hair, you are the perfect temperature. You slowly open your eyes. At first a whiteness drowns out everything. Slowly you see the tips of trees, the sparse clouds, and the sun. The warmth is gently and kind on your skin. There is no denying; it is summer. One colour I associate with summer is yellow.
I was approached by someone from Julep, a lovely company specialising in fabulous nail varnish's. You can check out their shop here. They told me they were looking for inspiration for a new nail polish colour. So I've created a post full of inspiration for my own personal favourite colour: yellow. I really love the colour. Hopefully this post will make you feel all warm and summery. 

Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists and (I think) accidental philosopher. Of course one of the worlds most famous paintings is 'Sunflowers'. For me there is one key colour throughout his artwork, you guessed it! Yellow! I hadn't realised till doing this post. The colour is so gentle amongst his thick and brash brush strokes. It is warmth amongst the swirls of beauty and pain. Van Gogh was a complex man, who saw the worlds wonder and the worlds torment. If you suffer from depression (over thinking etc.) I would highly recommend reading his letters. I really related to the toils he went through. In my own life the colour yellow is a brightness and a warmth amongst the sadness and darkness. For me yellow = light.

The sun. It can be harsh or it can be gentle. I have a love and hate relationship with the sun. When it's too hot, we're enemies. But when it's a gentle heat we're best friends. Another reason why I love yellow is because it's the colour of that beautiful giant warm orb that gives us life. Sometimes I feel we take the sun for granted, we can merely see it as a 2D circle in the sky. Think about it. It is a GIANT star at the centre of our Solar System, burning at 27 million degrees; creating and taking life. You might argue that the sun is 'orange' or that it has no colour. But for me, how I see it is yellow. For me yellow = warmth.

I love scrolling through Pinterest. All the fabulous images that spark inspiration. It highlights how powerful photography is. It can bring about a variety of emotions. I've selected a few pictures to show you, all containing the fabulous colour of yellow. (have you had enough of yellow yet?) Some of the pictures just bring joy to my life. They are light and happy. Making me want to leap up off my chair and run in a field of sunflowers!

For me yellow is = happiness.

I really like the idea of designing your own nail varnish colour. I think that what is more important than the colour is the reasoning behind the colour! I'd love to hear what your favourite colour is? What would you call your own nail varnish?

Here's what I'd call my nail varnish. I know it's a cheesy name, but I just had to call it Sunflower!

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*Disclaimer: I am not being paid in any way by the products mentioned in this post.


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