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Feeling Upbeat This Summer: Summer Festival Look

Hello everyone, I hope that you are enjoying the Summer. Here in the UK, most of us are experiencing lovely weather. The past few days have been bliss. I was approached by the folks at Upbeat to review their new fruit dairy (protein) drinks. Now don't worry they are not protein as in protein shakes, they are fabulous low sugar fruit drinks with that added boost of much needed protein.
I wanted to pair the review with a lovely summery theme. I am a complete sucker for smoothies, fruit juices, yogurt drinks. In the summer that's all I crave. But the high sugar content usually puts me off. Of course this drink does contain sugar but nowhere near as much as other popular smoothies etc. Which is great.
Here's what they say:
'Upbeat is a tasty, nutritious drink packed full of whey protein from British milk. Protein is a core part of a balanced diet and best to have with every meal and snack to help you keep in shape. Not so easy if you're on the go, until now ... High protein, low in fat and half the sugar of most fruit juices and smoothies, Upbeat is a healthy way to keep you going through the day.'
On the bottle:
Calories: 145
Fat: 2.0
Sugar: 11
Protein: 20
Calcium: 140
I'm actually quite happy with having these numbers in a diary drink. You have to remember that this isn't going to be a drink you have all-day everyday. It does it's job when you need it. It is the perfect addition to your day. I would probably most likely drink this drink with my fruit at breakfast. It's a great pick-me-up.
At the moment there are two flavours available. Strawberry and Mango with Passion Fruit. (Blueberry with Raspberry coming soon!) Both are super tasty. So much so that I knew I'd have to keep the bottles in the fridge for a few days before I could take pictures. Unfortunatley I couldn't resist them, I had to go out and get some more! They are not over powering (taste-wise) or overly sweet. I feel that it is perfectly balanced. It also has a great consistency that isn't too thick or too thin. If you are quite sensitive to tastes, then you may be able to tell that there is a slight after-taste. The after taste isn't horrible, I like it. I think it's probably because of the high calcium and protein content. 
Upbeat is available from Tesco, Waitrose etc. Take a look at their cute website to see if a place near you stocks it. I have a few 50p off coupons, if you'd like me to send you one then just let me know in the comments below. I'll pick a few people at random. I hope you enjoy the next fashion focused part!
Unfortunatley I have only ever been to one festival (2000 trees) and that was back when it was more acoustic focused. It is officially the festival season and I've always loved the festival look. Even though I feel that it is slightly over-used these days. I recently purchased a few 'festival' items and I thought I'd share one outfit today. I popped over to a place called Wallasea Island in Essex (Just outside of Southend), if you live in the area I would highly recomend visiting. It is an RSPB site, that will officially open in 2019. It's a great place to explore. I hope to go back there when it's night and clear skies, the stars must be beautiful. 
Dress - H&M - £12.99
Cardigan - Sainsburys - £8.00* (Sale)
Sunglasses - Newlook - £3.99
Necklace - Home Made - See End of the Post
Shoes - TopShop - £5.00* (Sale) These weren't the shoes I wanted with the outfit but I couldn't find my sandals.
Shorts - H&M - £7.99
Bag - H&M - £14.99

I originally wanted to have my new gladiator style sandals with this outfit but I couldn't find them anywhere, so please excuse the 'comfy' shoes.
Is it just me or are all dresses, at the moment mega short. It's such a pain! I don't feel comfortable wearing a short dress by itelf. So I was hunting for a pair of shorts that were comfortable and light-weight. These ones are from H&M (in-store now) they are perfect!
Oh look it's mini DIY time! I love dream catchers! I love the idea and meaning behind them. I used to have a dream catcher necklace a few years a go but it broke. I decided to make one. I just googled how to do it and off I was making dream catchers. Here is an example: 
Thick(ish) wire for the circle part. (You can get it from most Hardware stores, B&Q etc.)
Masking tape: When you make the wire into a circle tape the ends together.
String: You can get balls of string in packs from discount stores.
Wool: Select any colour you'd like to cover the wire ring.
Feather: Check discount stores.
Beads: You can put them with the feathers.
Glue gun: It can really help in making it more stable.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post! Let me know what you think of dairy drinks? and if you want a coupon then let me know! Have you got your summer wardrobe yet? Or are you having to recycle some fabulous vintage peices? Till next time.

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*Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this post. I received two drink for free in order to review.


Sarah said...

Love the outfit! I've never heard of Upbeat. It seems like something I would love to try though. :)
I see you like cosplay? You should check out the last two posts I made about SOPOCU Con!

Kerrys Habitat said...

Thank you lovely :) I'm heading over the your blog now for a good read :)

Claire said...

Yum - Upbeat looks lovely, I'm definitely going to try it when I'm back in the UK. :)

Kelly Lelly said...

Oh upbeat looks so yummy!!

Your photos are absolutely stunning!

Kelly from | Daydreams &

Kerrys Habitat said...

Oh thank you :) your blog is so beautiful! x

Kerrys Habitat said...

Woo! :) x

Kerrie ONeill said...

Love that dress and necklace :)

Kerrys Habitat said...

Thank you :)

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