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Comic Con At Home: Your Guide (#SDCCatHome)

*Sigh* It's that time of year again, SDCC has rolled around again. What most depressing is that I know I don't have a chance before even trying to get tickets. Being in the UK is the first obstacle, second is the money. Thoughs of you lucky fortuitous people who live in LA or near-by, don't know how good you have it. Well maybe you do.
Last year I fully immersed myself into SDCC from the comfort of my bed. This year I thought I'd put a little guide together to enjoying SDCC at home. You can even browse geeky merchandise, last year I got my hands on a Wonder Woman Hoodie. So for everyone who is feeling the pre-SDCC blues, here's a way to get excited about those few nerdy-fun-filled days. No longer feel sorry for yourself! Embrace the circumstance in which you find yourself! :)

1. Travel: Get ready for a difficult... long... expen- Oh wait, the only travelling you'll be doing is from your bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen. Perfect.

2. Accomodation: Choose somewhere you are comfortable and cosy. For me it's my bed, for you it could be your garden, living room or shed! Make it cosy, surrounding yourself with DVD's to play in the background, comics to re-read etc.

3. Shopping: Forget trailing around endless stalls of merch. Perfect your search. If I ever go to Comic Con I would set out a certain amount of hard earned money to spend on merch. Do the same for these few days. Treat yourself. Let it be your very own nerdy Christmas. Nerdmas or Conmas. Too cheesy? Try and spot what goodies are being snatched up at SDCC, see if you can get it for a better price. Or add newly released items to your; 'To buy at a later date' list.

4. Eating: I know that once you're in the convention centre food can be either expensive or how should we say, not; recommended? Why not do a mini shop at your local food store, stock up on snack and drinks. Or order in a fabulous take away of your choice!

5. Panels: Last year I managed to stay on top of the panels by using certain live-streams etc. The sites this year may have change, check Twitter. Schedule will be up on SDCC site 2 weeks before the event.

6. Previews: Now you are not going to be able to view certain trailers and previews. *sad face* But let's be honest, if you are quick, you won't have to wait long to read detailed descriptions of the trailers etc. Also if you are super stealthy you may even come across a video... But I don't think I want to endorse illegal activity ;)

7. Social: I probably know one person who is willing to sit up and engage in the SDCC fiasco; that's my younger brother. If you are fortunate to have friends who are willing to join you, get them to stay over. Turn it into an SDCC party. If not Twitter will be your best friend. Just stay hooked to the SDCC hashtags; they will lead you to great things. Also blog blog blog! (#SDCCatHome)

8. Cosplay: Who says you can't enjoy dressing up at home. Yes, even if you are by yourself. For us girls I know that I love putting on makeup when I'm bored. Why not try and do themed makeup. Zombie?

9. Be a star: You can be a star as well! If you have a blog or Youtube channel, why not show how talented you are at something. Write a fan-fiction? or a geeky crafty item. 

10. Comic Con at Home (Bloggers): If you'd be interested in maybe getting a few of us together (online) then we could all do a mass-collab. I'll probably do this anyway, whether anyone wants to take part or not. Email me: Don't be shy!

Make sure you download this quick (not to be taken seriously) guide for surviving comic con at home. Enjoy yourself over thoughs few days. (View full screen and find download button, if not click the 'click here' button to view fullscreen. Other troubles please email)

Remember anyone can do this, try and use #SDCCatHome so we can all share each others work. I look forward to seeing some amazing SDCC posts. What is your favourite part of Comic Con?



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