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Kawaii Kraziness: Hyper Japan, Cosplay, Haul + more!

I was super lucky to be able to attend Hyper Japan as press on Saturday 26th in London (Earls Court). Equipped with my camera, note pad and business cards I entered Hyper Japan! I wanted to make sure I covered the event from a 'real' persons point of view so I really hope I've done that. Please get ready for a lot of photos. I had a really difficult job deciding what pictures to not include. 
When I arrived around 11am there were quite a few long queues on both the pre-paid and on-the-door tickets, so I'd arrive early to avoid waiting around for too long. 
Thankfully I didn't have to queue up, which I'll always feel guilty about. I'd also advise that you purchase an all-day wristband, there is just not enough time to fit everything in, in the first or last segment of the day. 
When I entered the convention floor I was quickly greeted with kawaii cuteness. You'll find lots of kawaii stalls selling an array of goodies. Among the market type stalls you'll find Japanese food, businesses and miscellaneous stalls. The atmosphere is great and you don't feel rushed. You can tell it's a place where people feel comfortable there, if you aren't naturally comfortable at big events you should be fine at this one. I didn't feel out of place or intimidated at all.  But anyway, I don't really think this post needs much writing, the pictures say it all.

There are so many amazing stalls and sellers at Hyper Japan. It's a great atmosphere and most sellers are super friendly and chatty. They don't force you to buy anything, which I know can be the case at some conventions. There also was a great mix of small and big businesses, even Etsy sellers.
Art Box had a stall which was amazing. I couldn't resist buying a little food plush. 
What is it about food with faces that make then so cute! I must buy all the plush food, or at least try to make it!
I loved this stall so much, plus the sellers were so friendly. I stood for hours trying to figure out what I wanted to buy. Their designs are so unique.
There was a great gaming section of the convention. Of course the big player Nintendo took over most if not all of the floor. They had lots of games that you could try out, including the popular karaoke (hilarious) and the new Mario Cart. I was a little disappointing not to see anything for Animal Crossing.
Lots of ears were available at the con, these were the most 'robust' of the ears. They are a little more expensive but I can tell they would last a lot longer as they are made from better material.
These little bunnies literally stole my heart. They are beyond cute and kawaii. Ah I just want all of them!
Kekiko - 
Yet more things with cute faces and blushed cheeks. They really are simple designs but are so attractive and effective. Well at least I think so. I'm not a fan (at all) of traditional jewelry, so this type of thing is perfect for me, I'd probably have it on a ribbon though.
Somebody know how to jump onto the band wagon! This stall had great stuff. If you are a nerd and always thought Lush wasn't for you, then this store is for you! 
Now for the best part. I was on a budget so I couldn't go crazy, there were a lot of things I could have easily splurged on. But I thought I'd be good and only get a select few things that I knew I wanted. Plus I'd saved some money by that I'd got from Etsy. 
 These fabulous ears are so cute and they are from Kyoties - Both ears were £5 each. 
 These beautifully made and designed items are from Flying Teacup Trinkets -, they are so friendly so make sure you go and buy something from them! Hair slide: £4, Hair Bow: £3.50. 

I told you I couldn't resist food with faces. The Drink was from - Art Box - for £6.50, which I thought was great for a convention price. The two smaller fruits were both from - Tofu Cute - and were £2.50 each. 
I really enjoyed my first time at Hyper Japan, it was a great experience. There was plenty to see, do and interact with. If you'd like more information about Hyper Japan please use these links:

If you are sad that you missed the event, don't worry you won't have to wait long. There is a fab Christmas Hyper Japan Convention; perfect!
Don't forget to leave comments and let me know what you think of the pictures and the food with faces!


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