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July Favourites: Spooky Eyes, SDCC, The Leftovers + more!

Every time I write a favourites post I feel like I always write the same thing! I always write that the months are going so quickly; too quickly. We are over half way through 2014. I love looking back at the month that's past. It's a great form of reflection and asking yourselves what you can change and do better. 
Like many of you (I'm sure) know that being a graduate in the 21st Century isn't exactly helpful. I know a lot of the older generation find it difficult and I'm sure sometimes annoying to hear how difficult it is to find a job. The truth is it's not difficult to find a job. It's super easy. But that is just the first stage. With a degree you are stuck in the middle ground. It's all about experience. I don't get chosen for the 'well-regarded' jobs because I don't have enough experience. I don't get chosen for the retail-type jobs because they say they'd have to promote me or pay me more money. I just can't win. Anyway, I feel that's a whole other post. But it brings me onto my main July favourite; Raleigh International. 

Raleigh International
Raleigh is a leading charity in sustainable work in many countries around the world. This month I challenged myself and jumped into the deep end.  I applied for their voluntary position over-seas. After getting through the first stage, I went to the assessment day. I got through! 
Now it's the scary stage of planning and fundraising. 
The position is completely government funding which is really incredible. I will be fundraising to raise-awareness for their cause, so keep an eye out for future information. If you are in a similar situation to me (graduate, unemployed) then PLEASE look into ICS. Just have a little look and see what you think.

Spooky Eyes Contacts
I was lucky with contacts this month. Which is lucky as I was preparing to do lots of strange makeup while SDCC was on as part of #SDCCatHome. I got the Dream Eyes, the Dream Eyes contacts look more natural, but still appear a little more mystical. 
The packaging they come in is simple and easy to use. Most importantly the contacts are completely sealed and separated. Make sure you  don't through the box away as the instructions are written on the inside of the box. If you don't have some already you'll need to purchase MULTI-PURPOSE solution NOT saline as it could burn your eyes. I like to leave the contacts in a contact lense case for 8 hours with the multi-purpose solution. After 8 hours you're safe to pop them in your eyes. Make sure you keep your hands clean and free from dust, hair etc.

Click here to go check out Spooky Eyes, they also have amazing Zombie lenses which I think look incredible! Click here to find these exact lenses.
Contacts Information:
Name: Spiral Violet
Product Code: 60132
Base Curve: 8.6
Lifespan: 12 months
Size: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%

The Leftovers
I've finished every series that I was watching. It's a no-mans land that no-one wants to be in. I found myself existing within it's vacuum for a few weeks. Then I heard about The Leftovers. I was really sceptical to begin with, it's description it's exactly thrilling. After the first episode ended I was hooked and ready for more. Unfortunately it's a brand knew show from HBO, so it only comes out weekly. It's worth the wait. The main idea behind the show is that on October 14th 'random' people just disappeared from the earth. No explanation. The show beings with the repercussions of that event. Focusing on a small town in New York. I don't want to give anything away, but the added hidden 'creepiness' shall we say, is perfectly on point. 

Handmade Kawaii Plushies
 When I attended Hyper Japan (see my post here) I enjoyed every minute of it. However, some of the larger items on sale were slightly out of my price range. I couldn't justify spending nearly £40 of a cat plush. So I only purchased a few smaller items (which I love!). When I can't buy, I get making and that is exactly what I did. I dedicated a whole day to sewing my little kawaii creation. 

It took awhile to figure out measurements and fabrics. I actually used an 'old' fluffy Primark blanket which was about £3, and of course some felt. A little tip for those that can't afford 'proper' stuffing: in 'cheap' home stores (Wilkinson's, Walmart) buy their cheapest pillows not cushions. You can cut them open and get twice as much stuffing for a really good price. Make sure it's safe though. Anyway I made a little apple and a big kitty. What do you think?

Clinique Skincare
Now I know it's expensive but I just wanted to put it in my favourites just in case you are desperately looking for a primer or an anti blemish cream. You can go into Boots and ask a Clinique representative for a consultation and they'll provide you with advice and samples to try out before you buy, so you shouldn't feel pressured to buy. I've really noticed a huge difference. I had A LOT of redness at the top of my nose, in-between my eyebrows. After a couple of days using the anti-blemish gel I noticed a huge difference. Give it a try!

Breville Active Blender
We got this half price at Tesco as usually it is around £29. With £2 worth of Tesco vouchers we managed to get the blender for around £17 which is such a bargain. I wasn't too sure on how good the blender would be because of it's size, but I am SO happy with how it works. It is super powerful and you can easily make drinks with both fruits and vegetables. This blender certainly knows how to blend. Also, because of it's size you don't end up making too much. I usually split the portions in to two to make it last even longer. 

Meow - Katy Perry Purrfume
I've had my eye on this purrrfume for awhile but I haven't really seen it around. I know it's quite an old perfume so it is pretty tricky to get your hands on. I also only wanted to Meow Pink version not the most famous purple version. I happened to be in Savers and I noticed quite a large bottle. I snapped it right up! 100ml or £11.99. I wear it everyday, it's a light smell but still smells so good, not musky at all. Perfect for summer!

Fimo Clay
Just quickly I wanted to mention Fimo White Air Dry Clay. I know Fimo on a large scale is quite expensive so this is a perfect solution for those on a budget. I got mine from the range for £3.99 I think. I am really enjoying making lots of different cute items. I've always wanted a few rune necklaces so I made a few rustic looking ones. 

San Diego Comic Con
Of course I can't not have a July favourites without talking about Comic Con, and no I didn't really attend. But I was there in spirit at least. I also started a little community of Google+ called SDCC at Home, where those of us who couldn't attend could share our work and thoughts. I stayed up late to keep up to date with the news and excitement. I enjoyed most of the panels this year. However, I didn't really feel the buzz I did last year, but that could be because I was more busy. I feel that nothing really amazing happened, even the SDCC exclusives didn't exactly blow my mind. I feel that Marvel could have streamed the panel live, rather than just 'blogged' it, which was really just a few vague tweets. Nothing crazy happened at the Marvel panel, so I don't understand why there couldn't have been at least a delayed stream. Anyway it was still great and although I was over the pond I could still feel the excitement of others who got to attend. Check out Source Fed Nerd's (rather short) coverage. 

As always I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites, I try to keep them as random and weird as possible. Feel free to leave comments letting me know how your month has been. Would you ever love to volunteer over-seas? If so where?



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