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SUPER EASY Spiderman Cosplay Makeup + Contacts Review!

I've never ever been a cosplayer. I'd love to be one, but money and time is not on my side. I have enough hobbies to be getting on with. One thing most of us girls and some boys have is makeup. Sometimes I love doing weird and over-the-top makeup. Why not? As part of San Diego Comic Con at Home (#SDCCatHome) I thought I'd see if I could do some crazy Spider-man inspired eye makeup. This obviously isn't intended to be taken seriously. I am not a professional makeup artist. It's merely a bit of affordable fun that you could do at home while taking part in SDCC at home. Let me know if you do any crazy fun makeup.

I was contacted by Pinky Paradise contacts to do a review. I decided to get the Spider-man inspired ones. I've never tried contacts before so of course I was nervous. One thing you must know before buying them is you'll need to get contact (multi-purpose) solution from your local drug store. Don't get too carried away when they arrive you'll need to wait 8 hours and leave them in the solution. Make sure you follow the instructions on Paradise's website when putting them in. 
So the contacts came with the cutest lense case, little hippos! Make sure you clean the cases out thoroughly before you place the contacts in. You also receive some very strange 'devices' that keep the hair from your face. I purchased the ReNu multi purpose wash from Boots, it was in a travel pack for around £4. Do not use saline solution! To find these exact contact lenses click here.

 Wash your hands thoroughly, with mild soap. Using tweezers (it's sharp) remove the foil stuff from around the bottles. Pop the lid and gently pour the solution out. Leave a little solution in the bottom so the contact can slide out easily without falling onto the floor etc.
 Squirt the new multi purpose solution onto the lense. Once you've cleaned the cases put solution into the case. Pop in the contacts. Make sure the lenses haven't turned inside out.
 Now unfortunately it's time to leave them in the multi purpose solution for 8 hours. You want to make sure that they are all clean and fresh ready to pop on your eye ball!
I would advise watching a Youtube video on how to put in cosplay contacts. As that's what I did. It's scary at first, but honestly once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll be fine. I'd also make sure you put them in before you do your makeup. Your makeup will smudge! 
I think the lenses look great. They are super comfortable, but I can obviously feel that I have coloured contacts in. Visibility is almost perfect; I personally could see a little red outline. I think they fit my eye quite well. You can still see a little of my Iris peeping out, but that's really only close up. They sit well on the eye too, and move in time with my eye. 
As you can see the makeup is beyond simple. It also really only uses makeup that you probably already have. I purposefully only used the affordable makeup that I own. When it comes to cosplay makeup I really don't think it matters if it's Mac or NYC. As long as it does it's job and it's durable. Finding makeup available in the US, made me angry. Why is it so cheap?! Why doesn't the UK have access to Target?!!!
Seventeen Miracle Matte Primer - Boots - £4.99
Seventeen Concealer - Boots - £4.49
No7 Mascara - Boots - £11.50
Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner - Boots - £3.99
Beauty UK Eyeshadow - Superdrug - £3.99

NYX Primer -Target - $6.99
Maybelline Concealer -Target - $4.99
No7 Mascara - Target - $5.75
Revlon Liquid Eyeliner -Target - $5.79
Eyeshadow Palette -Amazon - $13.95
 They are small contacts so you don't really notice that you are wearing them. Plus I think they look awesome. What do you think? Obviously they don't look natural, but they are not supposed to be. I really think on a night out I'd just go for it, wear Spidey makeup and rock these contacts. 

Don't forget to take part in #SDCCatHome! Join the community here and share what you've loved, liked and loathed from this years con! Till next time. Share in the comments what cosplay makeup you want to try!


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**This was not a paid post, but the contacts were sent for free


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