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Summer Room Tour Update: Geeky & Girly DIY Ideas

I have a problem. Not really a serious problem, but a problem nonetheless. Ever since I was young I've been lucky enough to have a large bedroom, I've also been very lucky to have parents that allow me to change my room whenever I like (as long as I pay for it). I can't wait for the day when I can afford to move out! Anyway, I used to move my furniture around once a month and change the style at least once a year. Now I'm older I still do the same. I love to change my rooms 'feel' when we enter different seasons. We have now officially entered Summer, so that means I packed away all the cute Winter/Spring decor and brightened up my bedroom.
I love all things geeky but I also love all things girly, I hope my room is a good balance of that. I've tried to stay de-cluttered as well (which is very difficult). I hope you enjoy this room tour, I've provided you with a video (here or below) and a few pictures. Don't forget to let me know what you liked best, do you have any ideas for my bedroom? I'd love to hear them. 

 You can see how different to subtle changes are by checking out my past Room Tours. See the links at the end of this post.

 I've tried to keep spaces a clear as I can. I know that candles and books can be slightly autumnal but I can't have a bedroom without them, so they have stayed. I think the top of this bookcase is my taste allover. A little bit vintage, girly and geeky. 

 I've reached a point that ever comic book collector will understand. I have boxes by my bed of comic. But my main ones are on my shelf. I need to search for more boxes soon. I like it when comics are on display rather than hidden somewhere.

I wanted my shelves and books to 'fit' better. So I just moved around a few shelves and items. I think The Hobbit figures work better on the shelf they are on now. I am slowly running out of room.  

 I was tired of the empire magazines in the frames so I decided to replace them with some bright and colourful comics. These Avengers comics were UK released so their shape fits better in the frame.

My desk was way too crowded before, it was getting out of hand. I decided to keep the essentials.

 I love this old style map. It was around £3 from Waterstones and is actually wrapping paper. You can probably get one for a better price online.

I was really bored of my cushions, I felt they were miss-matched and outdated for my room. I searched on pinterest for a few ideas, I made two fruity pillows using felt and a smaller 'Karlek' cushion.  

 I hated the top of my wardrobe it was cluttered and messy. It's a place that not many people think of to display items. I cleared it out and kept it clean with white frames and two tea cup candles.

I had flowery bunting for spring, now I wanted something a little different. I saw on Pinterest a few bunting ideas and I loved the photograph idea. I simply printed off a bunch of pictures, cut them out and stuck them onto string. It's that easy. 

I wanted to brighten up a few boring items around my room. So I purchased a huge bag of coloured beads from a discount craft store. Using a glue gun I simply glued them around the frame. I think it is a great addition to my room. I'm really loving the Aztec/summery themes this season. I also purchased fruit pegs from Tiger, blue tacked them to the wall, added pictures and that's it!

 Spruce up a candle by simply gluing sticks to it, it might not be for everyone but I love it. I also went crazy with the beads again. I got a lot of glass jars from The Range to use them around my room. They are a really affordable way of adding unique decor to your rooms.

 I am in love with this dream catcher, I saw the idea on Pinterest. In the garden I went in search for sticks. I glued three together in a triangle and followed a tutorial on how to make dream catchers. I added a few flowers and went crazy with the feathers. I finally found some flower fairy lights for £3.99 from Home Bargains.

I wanted more varied ways to display my many candles, so I used the jars. The largest jar was only £2.75 from The Range. I painted fruit slices and glued them to the outside. You can use salt and chalk to create a coloured sand effect to base the  candle in.

 The fairy lights I had on my bed were too heavy and autumnal for summer. I got a few cupcake cases and put them on the fairy lights. Also adding a few flowers to a dreamcatcher makes it a little more unique and summery.

Here's a more visually engaging presentation of my room ;) I apologise for the bad quality I had a nightmare with my laptop. Oh well! Click Here

I hope you enjoyed the post. Don't forget to check out past room tours, I change my room way too much. If you have any great bedroom DIY ideas then let me know and share them in the comments. Till next time.


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