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August Favourites: Minecraft, The Leftovers, Chris Pratt, Coconut Milk + Scary Times Ahead!

 Yes it is the world record for latest favourites post ever. I just don't know why I didn't do it, I completely forgot! I like to do favourites more for myself really. I love that I can look back at all the things I once thought were amazing and not so amazing. For bloggers I think it's a great way to observe how your tastes change. Plus I LOVE reading and watching other peoples monthly favoutrites. Again, I dont know why exactly I just find it super interesting. Does anyone else think the same? If you have done a monthly post please share the link below so we can all read away.

New Adventure
August was a month of slight change for me. You've probably seen me mention it in a few previous posts. Bascically a few months ago I applied to ICS for over-seas volunteering. Once I got through the first stage I was invited to attend an assessment day in central london.
By this time I had been allocated a charity which is Raleigh International. I got through the assessment day and before I knew it I was here 2 weeks away from flying to India for nearly 3 months. As the departure gets closer I find the situation becomes more real for me. The idea of spending nearly 3 months from home is bad enough. Then I have to remind myself that I won't be able to contact my family everyday. The only form of communication I'll have is through letters!
I'll be staying in a completely remote community with back to basics ammentities. Which means fabulous bucket showers. I'll be working with the community in what they need, but this will always involve sanitiation and sustainable development (lasting change). I'm really excited but really nervous at the same time. I think I'm going to miss the kittens more than family and friends though! Have you ever gone away from home for a long time? or have you had to live in basic conditions? Let me know I'd love to hear your stories. As long as they are positive and don't scare me! :) Apart from visiting every camp shop in the UK I have also been having vaccinations. Scary injections. I wasn't afraid of the needle itself, more the anticipation before the needle goes in. But now I am a pro at injections!

Coconut Milk
Let me just quickly jump to a random favourite of the month; coconut milk. I love it. As I make quite alot of healthy smoothies at home, I was worried about the amount of milk I was drinking. So I tried coconut milk and have never looked back, I drink it in everything. However doing so I think I have brought on an intolerance to normal milk! I had a glass the other day and I was sick for about 2 days. Does anyone know if that can happen? 

I have finally broken through the wall! The writers block wall that is. I love writing. I can literally escape into a completely different world for hours as I am writing a story. The other day I was writing a really sad scene and I found myself crying as I wrote it! What a dweep I am. Ever since I could write I would always print off my stories in the form of mini books. I loved creating the front cover and bar codes. Now many years on nothing has changed. The story I am currently working on will be my first full length 'novel', I'm only on 15,000 words and it'll be a 100,000 word story. I've already put together a mock front cover for it so I thought I'd share it with you! Of course it is not being published by anyone let alone Penguin, that is just for my own personal aethetic preferences. Do you love writing? and dream of being published one day? I wouldn't even know where to start.

Superdrug has been a lifesaver of late. I wanted to mention it quickly because it is now certified by The Leaping Bunny which means all their 'own-brand' products are cruelty free and cheap! So check them out if you want to start using cruelty free products. Also check out my Ethical Shopping list post for even more affordable suggestions.

I put that in capital letters because I cannot explain to you how much I love this show. Sadly it's first series has finished now (on HBO) but it is coming back next year! I really don't want to explain the premise of the show because I know it'd put you off. Just sacrifice an hour of your day and give it a chance. Remember it's not about the why or the how!
I will quickly go into a short rant though, it won't make any sense to thoughs who haven't seen it. Apologies in advance. The Leftovers is the only television programme that has ever truly represented humanity. It truly is a masterpeice. It completely stands out amongst the aray of fast paced action drama that constantly satuarate our televisions.
A lot of people compare it with Lost, but I disagree. Lost was saturated with the mystery, it left the characters on the sidelines and that's where it failed.
The Leftovers is probably 75% character driven. The reason why people departed is just a side dish. The main course is a feast of essential grief. Pure grief that we easily forget in our daily lives. The fact that hundreds of people die every second in our world goes unnoticed and unthought about.
The Leftovers is our Guilty Remnant, it is making us remember the true form of humanity. Take it down to it's route, to it's very core. We are incredible yet dispensable and both are equally as terrifying. As one character said in the series finale; we are all moving towards something, we are not sure what. Just something. Away from what we deny everyday.
So give The Leftovers a chance! If you've seen it what did you think?

Uh Oh, yes I have well and truly fallen onto the block wagon. When people first spoke about Minecraft I was annoyed that people were so obsessed with a game with such bad blocky graphics. (my exact words). Cut to a year later and I am sat their for hours mining away at what essentailly is nothing. I waste hours of my day creating, mining, building, farming and hunting. I can't even tell you why it's so addictive. I literally have no reason. Other than I appear to enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn't spend so much time on it! ;) I am now playing it on PS4 as it recently just came out. However when I wanted it on PC I found Mineshafter. I don't know whether it's a 'naughty' version if you catch my drift but I gave it a go and loved it. Now I'm even more obsessed with PS4 version. Help me!

It's just occured to me that I didn't actually write a post about my trip to Amsterdam with some of my bestest friends. As our local airport flies directly there in 35 mins we couldn't resist the trip. Plus our flights were cheaper than £50 return! Anyway we stayed in a hostel called Vondel Park run by the Stay Okay chain. It was absolutely lovely, we stayed in a private room as opposed to mixed. The Hostel bedrooms were basic but altogether clean and lovely. The downstairs public areas were amazing, so fresh and well designed you felt right at home.
Talking of being at home. For the entire holiday (3 days) I felt completely at home. In some countries you can feel intimidated by the culture. Not once did I ever feel intimidated. With the Hostel we got a package deal, which included various things, like 48hr bike hire. Bike riding in Amsterdam will remain one of my funniest and fondest memories. At first we started off in the park and then literally ended up cycling around the WHOLE of Amsterdam. No I'm not exagerating, to say we had sore bums would be a huge understatment.
Overall for each of us; in total our trip cost: £160. Even if you have to end up paying more for your Amsterdam stay I would do it! It's a great place, honestly try it! Tip: Get the number 197 bus from the Airport into main Amsterdam it's ALOT cheaper than official airport transport. (Bus costs 5 Euros)

Guardians of the Galaxy
How can I not mention Guardians of the Galaxy. We've been waiting patiently for years, and then not so patiently 2 comic cons ago when we got a teaser. I decided not to see it in 3D; as a glasses wearing gal I just cannot get along with rapid movement in 3D. Either way I'm sure it was just as awesome. 


I really don't have a bad thing to say about it. Somehow although it was quite comedic, it still seemed like one of the most 'gritty' Marvel films we've had. It didn't have a 'kid' feel about it to me. I hope that Marvel is braver when it comes to making more gritty films. I just hope that Disney isn't in their ear all the time. Anyway, GOTG is probably my favourite Marvel film. Can I say that? I don't know for sure. I'm so excited to see where they are going to take this new addition to the Marvel Universe. Hopefully we get a little cameo from one of the guardians in Avengers. Here's hoping.  Also I'd like to point out, I went into the film saying that I WILL NOT fancy Chris Pratt in this film. After I'd left the theatre I was like -.-. It's safe to say I fancy him. ;)

Doctor Who
Doctor Whooo is back! With a new face. ALOT of people have ALOT to say about Peter Capaldi as our new 'national treasure'; The Doctor. Quite a few people I am sure are moning about the fact that he isn't young and handsome (not that I thought past ones were anyway!). That is not what Doctor Who is about! If it's about anything it's about change. One of the greatest Doctors; the first ever, William Hartnell wasn't young and 'with-it'. So hastag Give Peter A Chance or whatever. Let's just give it time. As much as I enjoyed the first episode of the new season, I must admit I haven't felt that the more recent episodes were that strong. But when I signed up for Doctor Who all those years ago I was in for the long haul. What did you think of the new Doctor? A great show to watch on Youtube that 'review' the episodes each week is 'SourceFedNerd'.

Hyper Japan
I cannot believe it was a month ago that I went to Hyper Japan! What an experience. As I have said before I am not really that knowledgeable in Japanese culture or 'geek' culture. But  I know that I love all things cute and kawaii. If you are a blogger and love Japanese culture etc. then you should contact them. They seem to be really good at providing bloggers with press passes. You don't have to wait till next summer, they have an awesome Christmas convention too!
Cosplay @ Hyper Japan

Summer has gone by way too quickly this year. I literally feel like we had no summer. Maybe that's because I haven't had a big holiday and I don't have an offical time off etc. I have really enjoyed all the small random outings I've had with friends and family. Sometimes it's better than having a big holiday. Seeing places near your home that you've never discovered before is so much fun.


Well it makes me sad that I won't be able to do October and November monthly favourites, but I'm sure I'll get over it. I'll really be greatful if you carried on reading my blog while I'm away. Pretty please :) I'll be posting posts automatically, so hopefully that all works out! Have a fabulous September and thank you so much for reading this post. Do you have any major favourites that popped up in the month of August? Till next time.



LanieLoo said...

Haha, Kerry I always look forward to your monthly favourites! They are always so different and varied and awesome :) Have a fab time away! x

Lilia said...

Chris Pratt <3 that is all!

B. said...

Ugh. Chris Pratt. I'd have to say Winter Soldier was gritter IMO than GOTG though. But I loved both of them!

Lucie M said...

I am obsessed with The Leftovers! When I first watched it I didn't think I would like it so much, but it has become one of my favorite shows!

Mariko said...

Best of luck in India. What an amazing opportunity. And I have to say, for what it's worth, that I already LOVE Peter Capaldi's Doctor. I like that he's allowed to be grouchy and a little more ruthless.

Elora said...

I like Peter Capaldi. I was expecting something different, something the other Doctors didn't quite have--and I'm pleased so far. The first two episodes felt wrong for some reason--and the first one was meandering. But once the Robin Hood one started it just felt RIGHT--and I was so happy. I'm interested in what else Capaldi will give us. But the really funny thing is, I just so happen to be watching the "Wasp Nest" episode of Poirot and Capaldi is in it!! Ha! I thought that was so funny, when I saw him there.

Oh yes--Guardians of the Galaxy was AWESOME. Felt so believable, both comic and really human at once. And Chris Pratt dancing--just awesome. He's likeable. Marvel is doing a pretty good job with their movies--I'm just over the moon about Winter Soldier. And Captain America? I previously had only known about him from video games, and didn't care for his character portrayal there, but the movies are just simply believable--it's hard to have a character who is a super hero who is simply a good man, like Steve Rogers. But Chris Evans just does a great job, and the story is awesome. I'm looking forward to more of Guardians of the Galaxy too. I just loved the end! Great characters.

Hadas said...

Agreed, it is so different in many ways. The structure of the episodes, the subject matter, the mysteries... great.

Elora said...

Cap 2, oh definitely! And I they had me freaked out about Fury for a little while there. It was a "SURELY NOT!" but "what if they really did?" thing. I was ranting that they couldn't take my Mace Windu again. ;)

Kerrys Habitat said...

I was in denial for a good few minutes on the Fury bit! You never know with Marvel! ;)

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